TF/KB1HQS Iceland SOTA Expedition

I’m heading out to Reykjavik, Iceland this afternoon to hike the Laugavegur Trail.
Tons of SOTA sites in TF land. One of the sites is at an active volcano site. The summit is a little tricky to get to due to lava flows,out gassing etc. but I am going to give it a try.

Should be some rocking signals into Europe.


I was there in 2019, so I know you’re going to have a great time. Iceland is about as close as it gets to being on another planet.
73 de OE6FEG


From planet Earth to planet Ice :wink:


Have fun Stuart and unlike Svalbard, no polars on Iceland to worry about.



…resurrecting an old thread…

@KB1HQS enjoyed your blogs although I couldn’t find a SOTA activation was it an XYL issue? You managed a 5+2 day trail in three days, so theres that I guess doesn’t sound like a radio friendly approach!

Im loosely planning Laugavegur + Fimmvordujals this year in 6 days, but its bonding with my wife not a SOTAspedition. I dumped the SOTA peaks onto my GPS overlapping the trail looks like theres at least 4 Summits you “cant” miss!
TF/SL-079 on arriving at Landmannalagar
TF/SL-043 ideal place to warm down the legs after the first short day hike to the Hrafntinnusker hut/ campsite
TF/SL-162 these two are either side of the Alltfvatn hut perhaps an evening detour
TF/SL-160 3km after the hut and a bit of an in and out hike, maybe a morning excursion.
TF/SL-094 3km before reaching Emstrur hut and on a detour path.
TF/SL-199 Slight detour between the Volcano huts and trail
TF/SL-147 after Thórsmörk, theres a path that goes over this, the uitgonghufdi trail and meets up with the Fimmvorrduhals trail but by passes a bunch of view points
TF/SL-004 and TF/SL-007 I dont know how practical one of these two are, but from your blog, this looks like either an easy place to get lost or an out of bounds area or just plain very difficult, but on paper they’re fairly flat out and back 16km round trips.
Curious to know how you got along and any Radio tips youve got (Im not taking VHF).
Im going to take a 20W FX-4CR a 40m EFHW and probably a 5.6m telescopic whip that I can tune 20m 17m 15m & 10m with a Nano VNA. Weight wise Im unsure about the whip… Im aiming for end of July where Im guessing its going to be limited to 20m and 40m the higher bands aren’t likely to be performing in Summer.

The Volcanic peaks look like the telescopic whip from a ground spike will be much better than the EFHW off a 6m Carbon 6 mast. But at the best of times it looks challenging.
Ive also got a 20-40 Trapped Dipole all built “uber light” hence I was wondering if you set up and what your experiences where, especially antenna options.
Im working on a Multi day portable Moxon antenna but… “its difficult” getting something to hold it up high enough.