Testing AX1 in EA7/GR-069

After 30 days lockdown I can go back to the mountains. Espinar with 1642m is located in the Sierra de Huetor. The ascent was made cross country 1 km and 210m of climb up. Very good weather 22º without wind.
106 qso in two hours of operation. S2S with great mountain goats @EA2IF @EA4DON @EA4DOS and @HB9CBR
In 20m CW I tested my new AX1 antenna, 2 DX W5GDV and ZL1TM surprised me.
The video


That is a lot of QSOs made in that time. It’s like a contest! The nearby scenery is great. Good job!

73, Aden

I was very happy to S2S with you for the first time. On top of that, you were my 1st QSO in the log that day. I had just setup, switched my rig on and looked to SOTAwatch. There, I found you were operating just a few Kc down from where my VFO was on 30m, so there I went.
This was the other end of the S2S QSO:

Congrats for the DX with that whip antenna. Andrei has exceptional reception conditions and great ears too. He recently chased me while I was transmitting with an MTR powered with a 9V rechargeable battery, so my output power was in the order of just 2W. Antenna was an EFHW.




Great joy of our radio encounter in the mountains, when socialization is not possible, this compensates for the personal distance, we hope it will be repeated frequently.
This antenna will give you a lot of satisfaction, especially when it comes to difficulties in mounting other radiating elements. The image is an activation in reduced summit space with the result of contact with K4DY as dx, and of course all of Europe.
A hug.
EA4DOS, EA4DON.269a1f4a14f187bf28c50a1a07c27e306365efb4_2_666x500


That was me, Jose… W5GDW. It was great to make a DX SOTA contact with you.
73 Gary

Sorry for my dyslexia. I hope to meet you again in the mountains.

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Friend José, thanks again for yesterday’s S2S, Pararayos-Cancho Gordo.
My summit was of limited space and with a lot of influx of mountaineers, it was also very windy, so we decided to use the AX1, with the satisfaction of finding and contacting you.
See you soon a hug.