Testing antenna in EA7/GR-064

Yesterday I tested the EFHW antenna, according to K6ARK’s idea.
In an hour 58 qso:
80m SSB 4
40m SSB 20
30m CW 19
20m CW 3
40m CW 12.
Sorry for the video, one hand on the manipulator and the other on the smartphone.
73 de José


Hallo José

Now it would be interesting to connect and compare the wires without the unun.

I almost think that the KX2 does not need the unun. :wink:

My standard setup on the KX2 is a 9.2m vertical wire and a 5.1m on the ground radial… and a W1JR balun with 3m RG 174 to the radio.
It works great from 10m - 60m … with a little more wire length would probably also do 80m… - the KX2 tuner is awesome

73 Armin

Hello Armin,
I already tried with a BNC to banana adapter and it works.
But what has worked best for me is: unum 9: 1 wire 16m and 10 of counterweight. Now I am trying to reduce the weight of the equipement, very important when the climb is hard and long.
Certainly the ATU of the kx2 is the best