Testing a gear pack in EA2/NV-092


there were some recent threads asking for ideas on how to protect and carry the gear in the backpack safely.

I have built a homebrew pack to put my rig and some stuff well organized and speed the setup, specially for those days where weather doesn’t help much to prepare things in a relaxed way.

Yesterday I activated EA2/NV-092 (thanks to all chasers and S2S!) and I spent some time to record a video showing my pack.

A simple design made with plywood and protected with acrylic paint; it works well.

73 de Ignacio


Ups! There’s a bug in the video, past half of it, where the footage gets blind.
Tomorrow I’l edit and upload it again corrected!

GN Ignacio.

the video has been corrected now.
Link updated and functional.

73 de Ignacio

One more time, great job Ignacio!!
Excellent video and great rig setup. :+1: :+1:

Zorionak, 73 de EA2DCA

Good work and design Ignacio! Bravo.

73, Christos.

Thanks, glad you like it.

If I had a 3D printer I would probably print custom cases.
Anyway, working with plywood is easy and finish is pleasant.

73 Ignacio

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Hi Ignacio, great video of your portable set-up. Thanks.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Hallo Ignacio
Since the video in which you show how you wind the wires, I have been enthusiastic about your films.
You always bring good advice. I haven’t done anything with glued-on neodymium magnets yet. Although I’m not a fan of fixed boxes for SOTA in the backpack, I can imagine adopting this for the caravan.

Thank you - Armin

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Hi Armin,
thanks for your words that motivates to do some more in the future…
Hope you’ll prepare a nice box for your caravan.

Cheers 73 de Ignacio

Good hands Ignacio! Looks great.73

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