Terje, LA8BCA pileup today

Today I surprisingly got a S2S call from Terje, LA8BCA at LA / OL-181. After our pleasant qso I gave him my frequency and set a spot.

After that I had the pleasure of his enormous pile-up.
Congratulations Terje!

Hear and see for yourself: LA8BCA/P Sota pileup LA/OL-181 - YouTube

73 Chris

Hello DL1CR Chris.
Many thanks for your spotting help yesterday.
Very nice to see and hear the activity from my summit activation !
It was some good condition that day, and spotting is always a very good help .
I started in SOTA in 2010 , and my rig has been FT-817 , power has been 5watt.
Antenna is homemade link dipole for 20,30 and 40 meter. Most of the summits is from 1000m asl, or higher , so antenna-upset is inverted V .
I never spot myself , so I always call as close to this frequenses as possible : 14.285 , 14.062 , 10.118 , 7.032 mhz .
Lokking forward to meet you again Chris , and all the chasers ! ( No chasers , no pilups )
de Terje la8bca


Hello Terje,

it is very sporty never to spot. Respect!

See you again soon!

73 Chris