Ten pointer Tour OK/OE/DL

Next week I will be in Sonnen ( south east of Germany ) from wednesday 10-08-2016 till sunday 14-08-2016. So I have 5 days to activate as much as possible 10 pointers. I will try to activate OK/JC summits, OE and DM summits. Mostly the ten-pointers OK/JC, but I will try to activate OE/OO-069.
My setup will be a KX3, power 5 W and a HyEndFed 30 mtr antenna. freq +/- 10.125 MHz. Alerts will be posted in a day.

I look forward to activate the 1200, 1300 and 1400 mtrs summits in OK/JC. Tips are welcome.

Hope to meet a lot of chasers.

73, PA9CW, Tonnie.

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Nice :slight_smile:
May the weather gods be kind


Enjoy your trip.

Hi Tonnie,

Good luck with the ambitious tour.
Is there any chance you might consider some 40m SSB as well as the 30m CW please?
Actually 2m SSB (or FM) should also be interesting as from the Bayerisches Wald area, you should get back into Munich without any great problems.

73 Ed DD5LP.


sorry, but I only do CW. I don’t even have a mike for my KX3 :slight_smile:
And no porto for VHF or UHF. Sorry…

73, Tonnie, PA9CW.

OK understood re CW only.

The weather forecast for the second half of the week in Bavaria is “mixed”, so make sure you have some waterproof ´(ideally lightweight) clothes with you as you may get caught in a shower or two. The heavy rain is due along the alps tomorrow but that should have cleared by the time you get here.

73 Ed.


Thanks for the tip. I hope it will be not to bad wx. And I sure will take some good “waterproof” clothes with me. Cu.

73, PA9CW Tonnie

Today arrived at the hotel around 17:00. After checking in I activated DM/BM-288, 947 meters high and my first 10-pointer. It was vy easy to get to the top.
Then I activated DM/BM-064, 789 mtrs high an 8-pointer. This one was not easy. It took about 40 minutes to get to the top. There was a nice watch-tower.

Thank you all chasers and cu tomorrow. 73, PA9CW. Tonnie

You are near Czech summits. On the border with OK/OE and OK/DL are nice OK/JC-004, OK/JC-001, OK/JC-003 and OK/JC-030. But for one day it is rather long and difficuld trip. Way run along the border. There is no risk, you can loose it.

Today I activated OK/JC-030, OK/JC-003, DM/BM-063 and DM/BM-279. The last 2 one, it was raining. I have again some problems with my KX3 padlle. It seems that it’s a familar problem. I hope it will been solved tomorrow. Tnx to PB2T.

I tried to activate OK/JC-001, but it ws unable from DL border. So I returned to my car.

Thanks to all the chasers. See you tomorrow. 73, PA9CW Tonnie

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Today activated 6 ones:
OE/OO-069 this summit took me about 2 hours to get to the top.
I started at 9:00 and I was back in the hotel at around 20:30. Nice wx for walking. About 12 degrees and clear sky. So now and then some clouds.
My KPXD-3 has still some problems. Today I got some spray for the contacts. Hope it will work. We will see tomorrow. If wx allows. It will be a rainy day tomorrow.
Otherwise I have to contact Elecraft after my Holiday.

Again, thanks all the chasers. 73, PA9CW Tonnie

Hoi Tonnie,
Een geweldige tour!! Die wilm ik ook nog wel eens maken hihi.
Je hebt waarschijnlijk geen AT in je KX3. Op 30m kan ik je hier niet altij horen.
Probeer ,als het lukt , ook eens 40m.
Succes verder!!

A great tour Tonnie!!! Tks

73 Sake , PA0SKP


Ik heb wel een tuner in mijn KX3. Maar ik gebruik een HyEndFed voor 30 meter. Het is mijn favoriete band.
Het is zeker een mooie Tour. Het is voor het eerst dat ik zo’n uitgebreide lange Tour doe. Het bevalt me prima. Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

73, Tonnie, PA9CW

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Today no SOTA because of bad wx.
Tomorrow it will be much better wx. So I’ll try three or four DM/BM 10 pointers.

Cu 73, PA9CW

Ah, was wondering why you were not on the air. Hope to meet you tomorrow.

73, Hans PB2T

It “should be” five days of Sunshine from tomorrow on - or so they tell us!

73 Ed.

Today was a vy nice day. It started with some clouds and abt. 11 degrees. So on the watchtower at the top of DM/BM-065 there was no view.
The next one was DM/BM-274, 1453 meters high. It’s my highest summit ever. Because this summit is in a naturepark, it was not allowed for cars. So It took abt 3 hours to get to the top. And the clouds slowly disappeared, so the temp went slowly up to abt 19 degrees. But at the top it was a vy nice view. Made a lot of QSO’s. After going down in abt 2 hours I got by the car at 18:15. Still I decided to activate one more tenpointer for today. I went to DM/BM-324.
After all I was back at the hotel at around 21:30.

It was a vy nice Tour. I did 15 summits with a total of 114 points. And had a lot of fun and nice walks. In total 94 km. The wx was fine except for Friday.

Tomorrow I have to go back to PA.

Thanks again all chasers. 73, Tonnie PA9CW


I have made a nice video. YouTube

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