Ten Metre conditions from DL/AM-178 today - Bad!

Thanks to the chasers who listened for me on 28MHz today - some of whom I later worked on 20 or 40m. It seems that the MUF was well below 28MHz today.

Glad to say I got off the hilltop just before the rainstorm hit. It really felt like snow was on the way. In the 15 minutes after we got down to the car, the roads were totally soaked from being completely dry.

Full report later, with details of the alternate (offical) route to this summit in my blog post at DD5LP.COM in a few days.

Happy New Year to all - especially those in VK, who move into 2016 five minutes after I am posting this, if my calculations are correct.

73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI / G8GLM.

Hi Ed,

Yes it seemed that 10m was closed whilst you were active. It has opened up since but not in a big way.

Thanks & Happy New Year!

Mark G0VOF

Hello Ed,
Glad to catch you on 20 and as I said to you when we spoke 10M was flat here and still remains so here in East Sussex.
Good luck and best wishes for 2016 +.

Looks like I spoke too soon Mike, just worked 3B8CF 599 both ways so there is good propagation around :smile:

Thanks & happy New Year!

Mark G0VOF

Hello Mark,

Well done on Mauritius. Nice way to end 2015 :wink:

Thanks Mike, in typical fashion a scan through the band just now & it’s empty again!

73, Mark G0VOF

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Hi Ed!

I was operating in 28 MHz on 28th and 30th from OH/JS-066. Nobody answered to my calls. I still believe that the band was open but nobody was at the same frequency! :sweat_smile:

21 MHz was rather quiet, but 14 MHz very alive. Next year on air again!

Happy New Year!

73, Saku OH2NOS

Hi Saku,
I tuned around the bottom 1MHz of 10m and apart for the DL0IGI beacon on 28.2050 on Peissenberg being off the scale on the FT817 (I could see the antennas from my summit) there was nothing on except for some interference, presumably from equipment not meant to be on 28MHz at all (I suspect the weather station - which was also very close - but I can’t prove this) - there was NOTHING on the band that I could hear.

Never mind, I can try again in the new year, bag the activator points again and hopefully some 10m contact points as well for the challenge.

Actually it’s better to contact Non-SOTA chasers on 10 metres as the scoring is number of unique chasers (irrespective of the summit you are on) x number of summits activated. So working new callsigns on 10m is important, rather than a chaser you have already worked on 10m from a different summit. I don’t know if this was the intent when the challenge scoring rules were made, but it’s a consquence of them. I’ll always work the chaser calling me on 10m, even if I don’t get a new point for it, I’m glad to make a contact on the band!

73 Ed.

Oh boverations :sob:

Was other wise engaged in a lower room when you were on 10m.
By time came back upstairs you moved to 20m.
But always good to make the contact, thanks again.

But did hear a few voices on 10m this morning prior to yourself on there


I have now posted my blog (including the new access route to this summit) at DD5LP/P – December 31th. 2015 – DL/AM-178 Ammerleite. | DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI blog

I would normally add this link to the Summits page, however as that feature is suspended pending the new SOTAWatch website, I am posting a link here.


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