Temporary alerts posting page

Anybody who is trying to post alerts at this time and are having trouble doing so can, if they wish, make use of a new page in the SMP:


which has been quickly cobbled together today. At the moment, only new alerts may be posted, but editing and deletion will quickly follow.

It is important to note that any alerts posted to this page will not be written to the SOTA database - they’re only there for people to refer to.



Thanks Rob! It rejected my attempt to alert for W7A/PE-100 as an invalid reference. I’m heading there now expect qrv approx 1715utc.


Hi Keith, OK, I’ve relaxed the check on the summit reference… :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob,

Sorry, but your routine rejected my valid summit W0C/FR-167.

I’m planning on activating W0C/FR-167 today, 25 Jan, at about 1930Z. I’ll be on CW at 7.033, 10.113, 14.063, and 18.093 +/-.

Please spot me if you can !! Look for me on the RBN at about 1930Z.



Hi George, try again - I’ve taken out the check completely.

EDIT - I was trying to be too darned clever and have the program check the format of the summit ref!

OK, all running OK now.

Thanks Rob - now I’m so late I need you to please edit my alert to 20:00 UTC.

I was unable to edit.

Thanks - 73



Excellent. Posted alerts for tomorrow.


Alerts can now be edited or deleted - just double-click on an alert in the list.

The code and presentation of the temporary alerts page have been altered, so users are advised to refresh the page (press F5, etc. in your browser when viewing or using the temporary alerts page).