Just a quick post to say thanks to all of the SOTA family who came along to my tables today and said hello. The list of chasers and activators is endless. The rally was superbly organised by Derek G0EXY and his team. This was the best rally I’ve attended for some considerable time and believe me, I’ve attended enough of them!

Big thanks to all of you, for making it a most enjoyable day…


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Hi Mike

It was a pleasure to meet you today at the rally/hamfest! I think the list of SOTA activators and chasers was good! It shows the strength of the hobby in the West Midlands and IO82 square, we can rival 83 for activity HI.

I had a good activation of Bardon Hill, a most excellent hill with stunning views. I love the way it starts in a housing estate, unlike no other SOTA Summit I have been up before. 2m SSB was fun with plenty of QSOs, the 3 on 4m FM was additionally good, however I ran out of time and could not give 2m FM a go. Very nice to complete the CE region, not the most challenging hills, but fun none the less.

Just seen that the Wrekin was activated on 23cm today, wish I had brought the Alinco with me now!

73 all

Matt G8XYJ

PS Andy FMF how do I change my callsign ! on the SMS Service from 2E0XTL to G8XYJ?

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PS Andy FMF how do I change my callsign ! on the SMS Service from 2E0XTL to

You don’t! That’s my job. I’ve updated it to your full call.

It’s good to hear the rally gaining in strength. I always enjoyed Telford, it always was good for me. Much like the much missed Elvaston Castle.


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Cheers Andy!


Matt G8XYJ