Telescopic fishing pole.. help!

I bought a new telescopic mast (Lafeyette) and its lasted no time compared to my old Aldi one, it seems to be made of different material or is thinner material. Has anybody noticed this? One of the main sections has split length ways :frowning: Aldi has not had one of these telescopic poles for ages now. What are you folk buying these days?
My mast gets a slightly harder time of it because I push the yagi size/windload sometimes on 2m to 23cm.
Maybe there is something on the reflector archive but couldnt find it?

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Hi Robert Try going on the Aldi website.Sometimes you can buy previously sold items on line .ATB Geoff G6MZX

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Hi Geoff
Thanks will take alook, didnt know abt that. Spring is supposed to be next so thay may have a fishing special again before long.
Robert GM4GUF

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I think most people use the Shakespeare Spear lite 1056-700 as they were originally supplied by a certain antenna supplier in Macclesfield. Dont know what the current cost is, but I know G4BLH & GW0DSP bought a few each from Jims fishing tacke (on google) & Im sure the BLH batch worked out under a tenner each. I find they are good for 100+ activations.

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I have bought a couple of suitable fishing rods quite cheaply by going into small suburban fishing shops: all their customers want carbon fibre rods so they are glad to get rid of old stock GRP rods!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to GM4GUF: The telescopic poles used by a lot of SOTA people are/used to be known as roach poles in angling circles and are not built for large lateral loads. If you could get a telescopic beachcaster, built to cast 50gms or more of lead 50mtrs or more out to sea, you would have something that could take the windload from your antenna. My solution was to join a number of lengths of 40mm push-fit plastic waste pipe together, re-enforcing the joints with short sections of 32mm (I think) solvent-weld pipe, held in place by nylon ties. This held a 3-el YAGI for 2M (made of 10mm copper pipe) aloft in almost all conditions.
Regards, Dave, M0DFA

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GRP roach poles from Sandpiper Antennas each year at Telford Hamfest. I assume they go to other radio rallies too.
I tried our local angling store and he offered me a second hand carbon fibre pole set for £80 followed by what on earth do you use fibre-glass poles for?
Happy hunting

David M0YDH

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‘Aldi has not had one of these telescopic poles for ages now.’

They normally only stock them in August, Robert, although last year several people complained about a deterioration in quality compared to previous years.


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I have two poles from this seller. However, I do not have a lot experience with the poles. Once we did lift a 7meg 1kw dipol (very heavy, it was) fitted on the 3rd section from the top. Sometimes I thought that’s it, it will rip in the next second, but it survived.


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I used one of those poles as a temporary support for my doublet - it’s been there 5 years now with no ill effects apart from collapsing in on itself during 100mph winds. Cured this with insulating tape around each joint :slight_smile: .

Roger G4OWG

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Thanks alot for the replies everyone and I will digest them. Will try your plastic pipe idea Dave, after 3 hours in the open doing a contest on a Tuesday night, the desire to pack up quickly is quite high so telescopic has been good.

Thats the second non aldi pole that has quickly split length ways. The Aldi pole for sale last August was not the telescopic type so didnt buy it. What I have confirmed is that on 23cm a yagi works very well at just a few metres and the windload and RF losses are kept to a minimum… just get it in the clear and dont look down the end while transmitting! I just mustnt be tempted to put the lower band ones up so high until I improve things :o)
Robert GM4GUF

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Robert, the white plastic water pipe I use for most of my antenna booms (Marley 21.5mm external diameter) is a sliding fit inside the black plastic electrical conduit I also get from B and Q. With one of each, say 1.5m, you would have a suitable pole for 23cm and 70cm, though it would be a bit low for 2m. You could fix them when extended with a 4mm screw across a diameter - that’s how I join them for longer booms.

(In fact, so far for 23cm I have always used my 15-ele at between 1.5 and 2m - it seems high enough though I will experiment with higher - but then feeder loss is important too.)