Telegram for Chasers / Activators


Now-a-days everyone is using Telegram for groups and events and everything.

Is there any Telegram group dedicated to chasers and activators?


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There are SOTA channels on Discord

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Not everyone.


Well said, Andy

So Many Chat Apps. So Little Time.

Focused web apps with decent threading and so on (like this one) work better for me than most of the rest, but some groups seem to like other places. My local astronomical society had a thriving web forum, but then upped sticks and F’ed off to WhatsApp (which I find about as friendly as a hole in the head, but whatever). Some of the SFF/filk groups congregate on Discord, and one of the servers I’m on is busy daily, while the others have brief flurries of activity, usually associated with some Convention or other. The very few telegram groups I’m on have occasional bursts of activity, but idle for weeks at a time.

Sometimes I look back longingly at the days when there was USEnet or USEnet…

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I would take USENET over anything I have seen since. It was simple to use, did exactly what you needed it to do (In terms of debate, discussion and informing) I was on Acorn / RISC OS groups until recently. The system is still there, but its demise has been hastened by ISPs choosing not to carry the newsgroups. There are ways of course :slight_smile:


Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in years! I had no idea that someone has resurrected it into
some internet service. I still have some fond memories of telegrams, having worked at Western
Union for 31 years. Sadly they quit doing telegrams several years ago due to E-mail, internet, etc.
Here’s a bit of nostalgia for those of you who still remember…
John, K6YK


Eternal September! (Today is September, 10571 1993) :wink:

If you want to be using an app developed by two Russians of whom we know very little


Yep, Eternal Septemer. Thats the one I used.