Team-NØB Gets Weathered Off W0/SR-010 Huron Peak 4

We got off Huron Peak safely! Weather at top was in low 40’s(F), 30 mph winds, raining, in clouds. No fun! It rained hard all night at our high base camp (11,800’) but finally stopped around 4AM. We left camp at 6AM, hiked 2,200’ in dreary rain and clouds and summitted around 8AM. Weather NOT conducive to portable operations and Rooster and Peanut, our sherpa goats, were looking at us like we were truly crazy (well…), so we decided for safety reasons to descend back to base camp. Heavy t’storms later frequented the area so it was a good decision although we really wanted to activate Mt Huron. But next time! Thanks to all who offered encouragement!


Video in the works. As soon as the goats rest up.

73, Team-NØB: Guy/N7UN, Rich/AC7MA, and Steve/wG0AT, Rooster & Peanut

In reply to WG0AT:
I’m sorry you weren’t able to operate Steve.
I listened for you and other mountaintop stations but did not hear any. I summited White Mountain Peak just before 9am (PDT) and broke down just after 12pm (PDT), just missing Brian N6IZ on Shasta.
Better luck next year.

73, Adrian

In reply to WG0AT:
Hi Steve

Sorry that you were unable to activate the summit, but definitely sounds like you did the right thing.

I was set-up and waiting on one of my local summits - GM/SS-165 for possible S2S with the 14’s. But poor propogation & lightning QRN on 14MHz made this impossible. Interestingly 18MHz was in good shape with stations coming in from both the east & west coasts of the States.

So until the next (when I’ll try again for a S2S)

73 es ever upwards


In reply to WG0AT:
I did not manage to make it up a summit, Instead I tried to chase from a local high point accessiblein the car. I could hear K9JWV/P in deep QSB which did not allow to work Jim. Sean M0GIA

In reply to WG0AT:

Congratulations to Team-N0B in activating W0/SR-010, with the required 4 contacts. A great acheivement at 14k feet especially in bad weather conditions. Am looking forward to seeing the video.

Well done.

73 de Robert G0PEB

In reply to WG0AT:

Hi, Steve.

Mrs. VA3SIE and I summited VE2/OU-001 (not -quite- as tall :wink: … in the hopes of an S2S with you and the other 10pt summits.

Glad you got back safely!

We did make a whole bunch of contacts with NA chasers and a few QSOs with EU chasers too (what a rush!), it was very satisfying to be able to give away a lot of chaser points.

We tore down when it started raining, so we missed the other NA summits (K9JWV/P on W7/SU-042, N6IZ on W6/CN-001 and N2YTF/P & W2VV/P on W2/GC-076).

(we got Jim’s spots as we were descending the hill…)

It was a good call though, heavy rain lightning and thunder as we drove home from VE2-land.

Great photos… bummer about the WX but a good call to come down and stay safe and pneumonia-free.

We’ll have photos and logs uploaded in the next couple of days (it’s been a busy week) of our parallel activation.

I notice the spotting network was working pretty good - 90% of spots posted to were sent out as twitter updates, so you should have got them on your cell phone if you were following QRPSPOTS.