Team effort to activate every Munro that is a SOTA?

The obvious dates to try this are either 16th October or 19th March which are the anniversaries of Sir Hugh Munro’s birth and death.


Now you’re really starting to make sense with this.
Consider yourself appointed Event Leader Colin!

Can I have GM/WS-009 Ben Alder please?

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The OS maps stopped using feet in 1974 (I think) when the one-inch map was replaced by the metric 1:50,000 Landranger map. With resurveying and metric to imperial rounding errors the real heights may have changed so the 3750 feet limit would probably be an historical round based on 1974 heights!

I had to convert it something that makes sense, 1143 was the figure I used to see which summits were being talked about.

19th March: plenty of snow likely on these big boys but no Winter bonus.
16h October: unlikely to be any snow but no Winter bonus either.

No chance of winter bonus points then?

You beat me to it!

In December the days are too short to take on such a big undertaking.
March has longer days, better weather, however are there enough Activators equipped with winter skills?
Most of the big Munro challenges take place in September eg end to ends, doing them all in 30 days etc…

Most of my Scottish activations have been just north of the border but perusing the Munro list, I realize I actually activated a Munro. Back in Sept 2019 I “bribed” an American visitor to venture up Sgor Gaoith.

All fun and maybe you can find the bribe in this snap.


He appears to have a bottle of windscreen washer fluid with him!

It’s a nice mountain. I did it in August and it didn’t snow much… I need to do it again in better weather with the uwave gear.

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Well spotted Andy @MM0FMF

Sadly that “foreign” whiskey was all I could find at 9:00pm the night before at the convenience store. Needless to say he enjoyed it and it kept him happy as I rounded up contacts.


Nothing wrong with foreign (non-Scottish) whisk(e)y. I wish I could remember the name to the wonderful Japanese one I had once, it wasn’t cheap but the company was paying so why not.

Some cracking Irish malts available. Where it comes from doesn’t matter, only what it tastes like.

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Did the Japanese one have a Samurai gold helmet for a cap? Sanwa Bank gave me one of those as thanks for a major deposit, and I was stunned at how good it was.


And this topic has turned to drink already…

Mu wife likes Japanese whiskey. Hibaki in the polygon shaped bottle. It was £50 at my work, but we used to get it for virtually nothing when it was discontinued, which was roughly every 18 months.
When I say virtually nothing, I mean £13.13, which is the minimum legal price in Scotland for 70cl of 40% spirit. It’s smooth and quite sweet. Nice though.

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Fraser @MM0EFI

Indeed it has and in my flight of fantasy around Munros, I refrained from offering up an adjunct to your Skye and Mull suggestion in the form of activating peaks on Jura, Islay etc as a part of a SOTA and whisky (pun intended) type event.


Well there’s the final solution Paul. Forget the Munros and just activate a hill near a distillery. It could be called DOTA.

I’ll have Glengoyne / GM/SS-126 Earls Seat


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@MM0EFI …and depending how the distillery part goes it could then become Drunkards On the Air once atop the peak.


Climb first. Whisky later. Otherwise it would be ruinous.

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Maybe this?


Sorry to move away from the Malt… but how about September 2022. ( 9/10/11 ). I would like to have an excuse to get back up a Monroe. Sorting out a weekend is always difficult and hopefully 12 months notice might be enough- and as it will be my 60th Birthday I’m looking forward to a dram - or two…. Even if we only activate a few over the weekend it would still be worthwhile

Just my thoughts….



I did have ideas towards doing this on a much smaller scale in one of the smaller regions.

My thought was towards doing all of the summits on the Isle Of Man over two days. With 2 activators switching summits on the second day it would mean that both activators would bag both summits over the two day period & from a chasers perspective, every single summit on the Isle Of Man would have been activated two days in a row. So the chasers could technically claim the points from each summit twice.

Unfortunately Covid travel restrictions (which I believe have now been lifted) & a shortage of money to fund the trip (due to being furloughed & losing around £13,000 of my salary over the last year) put an end to that idea. Maybe next year!

I also had thoughts towards doing the same thing between 2 of us in the G/TW region.

If anyone is up for a joint/co-ordinated effort at this…probably either later in the year, or more likely the early part of next year…then let me know.