Team activation of Schwarzkogel with snow shoes


Join us on our SOTA snow shoe tour to Schwarzkogel OE/OO-243 in Upper Austria

The team:
OE5PGM Gerhard
OE1ABV Armin
an myself OE5JFE Joe

We hope you enjoy the video:

Thanks to all the chasers.
Sorry for any confusion with the spots.
Operator changed on 20m band from OE5JFE/p to OE1ABV/p at 11:49 UTC during this activation.

This was just the second SOTA activation for OE1ABV Armin. He got his class 1 licences since November 2017. Pls give him a warm welcome!

Thanks for the S2S to Norway @LB4FH

73’ on behalf of the activation team


Joe, thanks for the movie about interesting activation - looked with great pleasure. Happy New Year!

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Thank you for the nice video report!

Report in german / Bericht in deutsch