Tap O Noth GM ES-054

Thanks to the chasers who helped make a great day. The 40m band was quite weird at times, several calling at one time, then silence. Made 17 QSOs and an S2S into HB, very happy with that contact. I was looking over at the Buck with SOTA eyes for another day…



Thanks for the activations and persevering with the conditions as they are probably not to get much better for a while Steve.Had you not stayed for a good while quite a few of us wouldn’t have been able to work you with the changing conditions.
Thanks for the first contact we had from Knock Hill. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Agreed with master Don said.

When i spotted the spot , i tuned in and nothing was heard and thought you had gone and left radio on there few minutes while did some logging and out of the blue you called out. Good to get you again on another GM summit and another NEW WAB square for me self.

Bands are doing some strange things in recent months and some patience is required and with solar min coming up, its going to get harder still but hats off to those that still venture out to the summits under these very unsure conditions at the moment.


Yes, but for me Steve this occurred when you were mid-stride in the S2S QSO. Then once the 73s had been sent you promptly disappeared!

When activating it is always a difficult call as to whether to stay on frequency or try another band or even pull the plug. I often leave a summit after an activation during which I have experienced poor conditions and only made a few contacts wondering “What, if?”

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Steve,

I think you should save the Buck for a crisp winter day, the ground is frozen (it’s boggy at the bottom) and there’s the bonus points.



Hello Steve,
Well done and very pleased you had a great day - almost looks tropical weather :wink:
Thanks for the contact.
Good luck.