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Talking of points


I know that given the current activity on the reflector this is a little off topic but I have a question.
If I have a qso with someone on a summit more than once in a day I only get one set of points. I like to follow my progress on the database not just as an overall score but particularly on differnet bands. Now if as has happened I have a CW contact with say DF2GN on CW on 40mts and then on 30mts which contact do I get the points for? The first one in time sequence? The first one I enter into the database? When the results are filtered for say 30mts will the database “give” me points for the contact on 30mts with Klaus even if the database gives it a 0*? I have tried to figure this out but my head is starting to hurt.
Does anyone understand what I am asking ;-)and does anyone know the answer?


In reply to GW3BV:

Hi Q

I find that the data-base gives point for the first contact made with an activator, in time order. Later reports will be stored with no points credited.

So if you wish to claim for one particular band or mode then any earlier contacts should not be entered.



In reply to GW3BV:
I understand what you are talking about Q , but I don’t know the answer.
I think the only way to find out is to upload a dummy chaser .csv log (which of course you later delete) changing things about each time.
I know that for activator logs if two stations activate the same summit on the same day they appear in callsign order (although this hasn’t always happened ask John 'BVE) rather than time of day.
Of course how things appear when you do a search is determined by the code that does the search so different searches may have different parameters.

Roger G4OWG


Hi Quintin.I always log the contact I want the points for first,if you have like I have to-day worked SW015 with mw0cop/p/gw4bve/p and gw3rmd/p all on the same summit and 4 bands irrespective of time order the point goes to the first logged on data base but the data base will then sort to time order all the contacts still leaving the points on the band required.73 Don G0RQL.


Hi Quentin,

I log all my HF chaser contacts separate to my VHF chaser contacts, the latter being of significantly more interest to me personally. Therefore if I make one HF contact with a station on a summit and another on VHF, I get points for both on separate lists. The downside - it’s slower getting to SS as the two lists are not combined.

If you are interested in seeing how one band fairs against another, you would have to separate your entries. I use my old G8 call for logging my HF contacts, but there is nothing to stop you using your call and a band reference for each of the bands or a mode reference for the mode. The main GW3BV log would be kept intact to show the total. A fair bit of work I know, but as far as I can see it is the only way of achieving a true comparison on the database. The only downside is that some might think the additional entries strange, so a spreadsheet arranged in similar fashion might be the way to go as it keeps it offline.

73, Gerald


In reply to GW3BV:Hi Q

I agree with Don RQL, whichever you enter into the database first will give you the points, all other entries for the same summit but with a different op, band or mode will show as 0 points and a ? to show it is a duplicate entry for the same summit.
So, if you want your cw points to show, then enter your cw contacts into the database first.

73 & HNY



all other entries for the same summit but with a
different op, band or mode will show as 0 points and a ? to show it is
a duplicate entry for the same summit.

I always use CSV upload and it - for some reason - silently ignores such “dupes”.
When I resubmit, it does say they’re dupes, but they are in fact not, just 0 pointers.
If I want such duplicates to be entered then I must do it using the tedious manual log entry.

Any cure for this?

73 & HNY,


Thanks for the thoughts gentlemen.
Its a pity that the database can’t recalculate for each band/mode chosen. I will probably have a look at relocating some of my entries for the bands I am most interested in.
Thanks again


In reply to HA5CQZ:

Hi Zoli

I use csv upload for activation entries, but always log chaser entries manually.

The reason I do this is because, a. when a summit is spotted in the future, I can click on the summit ref in the spot and check which bands I have worked the summit on in past chases and b. I can claim the points for whichever band or mode I want.

73 and HNY



In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,

I enter all my QSO-s into my computer log and then periodically
extract the SOTA ones and create corresponding csv-s by a script.
Personally, I find manual re-entering dupe chases in this process quite awkward.