Tale of Two Pile-ups -OH/K7ATN

Walking through a Finnish forest on the way to an activation one looks forward to working a few new Chasers - and the mosquitoes were looking forward to working me over.
Portable in the woods is a sometimes a small challenge - doing it while being attacked is a bit harder. My apologies for my poor skills for copying all your callsigns while others were after my blood. I hope the next summit is a bit easier.
And although I didn’t see Karhu, I did see his sign on the summit of his namesake peak.

In reply to K7ATN:
Maybe there would be fewer bugs if you go a bit North to visit OH8X, the world’s most extreme single-op contesting station…three element 160 meter yagi 300 feet up a rotating tower, with each element weighing nearly two tons. Oh, and I almost forgot the four element full-sized 80 meter yagi stacked above that…ho hum.
Elliott, K6EL

In reply to K7ATN:

Nice to hear you faintly this morning Etienne, despite the QRM and sub-par condx!

73, Barry N1EU

In reply to K7ATN:
Pleased to have got you on at least one of your summits today.
Christine and I had NO problems with the midges during our trip up through Sweden, Finland and Norway. We were just lucky; or maybe early too i.e. before they hatched this year.
Enjoy your trip through Finland and the Torneo valley; we certainly did.

In reply to K6ILM:

Hi Elliot,

“…if you go a bit North to visit OH8X…”

You call OH8X a knife? This is a knife.

Also an empty lot for you to rent!

Mike G6TUH