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Tal y Fan

Amusing time on 10GHz:


One s2s (Mike G4BLH/p). ODX 292km.



Amusing indeed on activation # 1111. A lovely day with hot sun and great views, and not great hayfever.

66 contacts on 20m CW in a very unruly WFF pile-up - as unruly WFF pile-ups go!

Amusing (sort of) was when I realised I had been sending the wrong WFF reference for my first 30+ QSOs.

Amusing was when I decided to go QRT for the activation, then within 2 seconds my antenna collapsed onto the ground. Those two events normally occur within 2 seconds of each other, but usually in the opposite order.

Amusing (ish) was when I missed a subtle left turning as a result of not having my main navigator Jimmy in the car. The subtle left turning was none other than onto the M56 from the M6. I began to smell a rat as I drove along thinking “I’m sure the M56 doesn’t have a Thelwall Viaduct on it”.

Not amusing was when my lovely wife Marianne refused to have her window wound up on the return journey to allow me to operate 2m mobile without terrible background noise, just because it was 29 degrees C. Amazing was when she wound up the window and began listening intently, and with genuine interest when I QSO’d with KL1QB (40km north of Anchorage, Alaska) via the GB3PZ IRLP 70cms repeater!

There is hope yet!