Tait Radio

Any know this radio. Got some few direct frq. Like 70.450.
But often radio give a permanente warning tone when transmit. Output then drop to 0.
Dont have any service manual or info.
Tait Orca 5010 for 4m
73 de LA1KHA Kjell


The service manual seems to be available from:

73 Ed.

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Probably lots of reasons for warning tone and zero power on transmit but low battery is one. Really frustrating when you’re needing comms that instead of dropping to low power they block tx completely.

We used these radios at work for years so plenty of exerience as a user but zero experience programming/debugging them.

Hi Kjell, try the tait group on the groups.io platform - there is a wealth of Tait knowledge there (and in the files section there is programming software and a service manual).

Matt’s comment re battery is a definite possibility - see if you can apply external power to it (as per service manual) and see if that allows it to function normally.


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Hi Kjell, +1 for low battery voltage.

This model is very old, so unless it has a fairly-recently replaced battery, I suspect that to be the likely culprit. Even if the old battery is fully charged, they drop voltage very quickly.

As Matt suggested, connect with a known-good power source.

Less-likely is out of lock VCO.
I should have software for it, if you can’t locate it on the Tait group.

Col - VK3GTV

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