Taganay, R9U/SO-032. First activation.

Consolation prize, as I wanted to call this little journey.
Autumn vacation - I have long dreamed of a long journey through the mountains, among the bright autumn colors. So every day there will be a new summit, previously not activated by anyone. Leave the car and forget all the fuss for 2 weeks …
Several people, including my daughter, prepared in advance to keep me company. But Masha could not fly out of Prague due to possible problems with her return to the Czech Republic. Covid not only deprived me of the opportunity to see my daughter, but also put my friends in a hospital bed. First, Sergei R8WB began to complain of discomfort, and then Oleg R9WCJ. At first the start of our trip was simply postponed to a later date. But everything turned out to be more serious than originally thought. One is now in the hospital, the other is being treated at home.
Unfortunately, I cannot go to the mountains alone, as I had previously vowed to my wife about it. Calling my acquaintances and friends, I, without much hope, dialed the number of my friend from the city of Orsk. Evgeny, to my surprise, agreed to go with me to Taganai almost instantly. 9 hours of driving is not an obstacle for a travel lover! Of course, we no longer had time for a long journey. The changeable weather also affected the timing. Nevertheless, a day later, we met at the parking lot, at the entrance to the Taganay National Natural Park …

I wish my friends a speedy recovery. New summits are waiting for us!


Fantastic trip; well done on the fist activation. I wish quick recovery to your friends Sergei and Oleg!

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Настоящая экспедиция и прекрасный УРАЛ.

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Romain, thank you for your kind feedback and wishes!

Jacek, спасибо!

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Владимир привет,

Как всегда замечательный рассказ о поxоде.
Поздравляю и благодарю.
Друзьяам передай слова поддержки.

73, Jarek

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Hello Vlad, great video of your activation with fine photos too. Thanks for your report.

cheers Geoff vk3sq

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