Sync PC using FT8 signals- JTSync

wow just found this- syncs computer using received FT8 signals! So smart! I need this for SOTA and even at home if the power goes out haha


That looks clever. I only use FT8 very occasionally but my Surface 2 tablet can be out by up to 10 seconds if I haven’t used it for a while. I normally use another app to synchronise but it needs an Internet connection.

Tether to your cell phone or if it’s a LTE version like mine stick a SIM in. Failing that GPS USB dongle for 12 quid off eBay! Never had a problem yet with PSK31 or FT4/8 on a hill.

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HI John
I think that surface tablet is a Windows device. If so I can recommend the freeware time sync software called Net Time LINK

Other programs that do the same are available. This one is very straightforward. I have it set up to automatically to sync my PC clock to the internet every 3 hours. The PC stays on 24/7 unless I am away on holiday for several days. With my laptop the Net Time software syncs the clock everytime I switch it on and then every 3 hours thereafter, but I don’t use that laptop for FT8/MGM much, just tried it once I recall.

73 Phil

The point is that often on a summit you can’t get an internet connection and in a forest GPS can be dodgy. But by using the HF signals you can get an average time from everyone else if you can’t hear these signals you will not work anyone.


nice suggestion, I think there are similar solutions available.
It is quite annoying when you get to a summit and, for the simplest of reasons, you cannot get some piece of equipment to function.
Yes, I have previously spent hours getting my Surface Go to work correctly with a GPS dongle, only for it all to be undone the next day with the next “essential” windows update. Of course, you don’t know what the update has done /undone until you are at the summit.
My Surface Go does lose time quite quickly, so I now just set the time by my radio controlled watch. it is usually accurate enough.
I think I will add this to my Go, along with the all important instructions, just in case I need it on a summit one day.


I see Ron, now I get it. I can see the advantage of this application now that was mentioned by KK6QMS for those who choose to use FT8 on summits. We have a few keen on doing this in EU every time they go out - and its great fun chasing them!

73 Phil .

73 Phil