Swyre Head G/SC-012

It has come to my attention that Swyre Head G/SC-012 has been resurveyed and is no longer a Marilyn, this means that this summit will be removed from the SOTA programme in the next G Association update. This update will happen on the 2nd March 2016 (SOTA’s 14th Anniversary) meaning that activations of this summit from now to 1st March 2016 will be valid for SOTA and activations of this summit from 2nd March 2016 onwards will no longer be valid for SOTA.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager.

Get in there before its gone :smile:

Done twice already :smile:


A very pleasant and easy short walk, right by the sea. Worth making a special trip to activate before it gets delisted for anyone that hasn’t yet done it.


Couldn’t agree more! When I did my SC expedition several years ago it was my favourite of the 11/13 that I managed to activate down there! That reminds me, I must contact my cousin and see if I can stay with him in Bournemouth again, and finish the ones I am missing!

73 all Matt G8XYJ - Sorting leave out for the end of the month for a sortie in South Wales (provided the WX is agreeable)

It gets my vote as well as one of the best of the SC summits. I will possibly be down there this summer with the family, so time to dust off the other callsign… or should that be dry out the other callsign after its last outing on Cadair Berwyn? :wink:

The strange thing is Mrs CFS and myself were discussing potential days out just the other night and she mentioned that she hadn’t been to Corfe Castle for years. So what could be more perfect than a day in Corfe taking in Swyre Head and Nine Barrow Down. Its only 1hr 30 min drive from here so game on :smile:

73 Glyn

A very pleasant summit with a handy fence line and trig point, which made for an enjoyable late afternoon activation last Monday. A pity the HF bands weren’t in better shape. Things were improving as the Sun got lower, but supper was calling…

Rick, M0LEP and I headed down at the beginning of this week to do the 4 summits near Dorchester including Swyre Head. Part of the reason for the trip was to activate (and chase) Swyre Head before it was deleted but for me this also meant I’d activated all of the G/SC summits.

We stayed at the newish Premier Inn hotel in Dorchester, which turned out to be good apart from the lack of parking, we had to use the nearby pay and display car park although it wasn’t expensive.

All 4 summits were both activated and S2S chased by both of us. On the whole the activations were enjoyable but the ionosphere being badly broken made it much harder work than expected.

For those interested the reason for Swyre Head being demoted from being a Marilyn can be found in the survey report at:

Did try to work you from Swyre Head as I need it for a complete before it falls off the SOTA plot. Unfortunately the sky was too broken and couldn’t even hear you let alone work you.

73 Glyn

Agree with comments - this was a lovely Sunday afternoon walk after my conference finished. VERY windy though the day I was there. Only had 2m and 70cm available and took a long time to get the contacts for the point (I had to “pounce” on a local chat for the last contact)

This is to remind everyone that Swyre Head G/SC-012 will only be valid until 1st March 2016 and from 2nd March 2016 onwards this summit will no longer be valid for SOTA. If anyone still wants to activate this summit before its deletion, you have until 1st March 2016 to activate this summit.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager

Last day today if anyone fancies activating G/SC-012.

It won’t be a SOTA summit tomorrow!

The only way anyone would know it has been deleted is by reading this thread.
On the SOTAWatch web site (Summits section) G/SC-012 is still listed and there is nothing to say it is no longer valid.

Presumably this is because the web site cannot be updated until the new version is implemented?
At the moment, it’s rather confusing.

Walt (G3NYY)

Hi Walt.

If you look on the listing for the region (main Web site or the database) there is now a blank where G/SC-012 used to be:

If you do a search on the database it will find the old entry complete with preserved activation history:

Note the “To” date, indicating that the summit has been removed.

This information is also available in the ARM for G:


73, Simon (Summits Team)

Thanks, Simon. Following your directions, I can find it now (albeit with incomplete and inaccurate Notes on the G/SC page). However, I had no idea these new listings even existed.

My normal practice has always been to click on “Summits” at the top of the SOTAWatch Home Page, then follow the links via “Associations” and “Regions” to arrive at the page describing the individual summit.

Why can’t the “Summits” link on SOTAWatch now lead to the listing that you have described?

Walt (G3NYY)

OK, thanks Walt. I can see that the word “thirteen” needs to be edited to “twelve”. Does that account for everything you describe as “incomplete and inaccurate” or is there something else?

No doubt the G AM will fix this swiftly, so thanks for bringing it to our attention.

With regard to SOTAwatch, yes that needs an update pushing through to reflect the changes. The Database is, and has always been the definitive up-to-date source of information, but I would agree that our SOTAwatch facility shouldn’t lag this long behind any update. We’ll get onto it.



“The highest summit, SC-001 Dunkery Be” … and then the notes are cut off in mid-sentence.


Not any more!

Good work!

It still says “thirteen summits”, though.


It’s the G-AM not paying attention to detail. Well that’s my excuse! Anyway sorted now.

I was tempted to change it to “twelvety” in recognition of Tubbs Tattsyrup’s special way of counting.