SWL logging now available

SWL features are now open for all. This is what you have to do.

Login as normal to the database.

Select “Logon/Logoff>Change User Details”.

Click the “Enable SWL Features” box.

Fill in your SWL identity. DONT USE YOUR CALLSIGN Read what the box says and do that!

When you click save you will forcibly logged off. Log in again. When you login a brief summary of your activation, chaser and SWL points are displayed.

You can now add SWL chases to the database. You can either enter these manual or by uploading a CSV file.

To enter a SWL chase select “Submit Log>Submit Chaser/S2S/SWL Entry” and the usual manual entry box appears. Fill in the fields as normal. When you get to the “Callsign YOU used” box you can either enter your SWL identity or you can just hit the Tab key and the box is skipped. This software will know to use your SWL identity when it needs to. Fill in the rest of the boxes.

Select “Is QSO SWL?” and then select continue. Accept the conditions and the SWL chases will be logged. You’ll get a screen showing your SWL score at the end.

Simple isn’t it?

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager.

Note to existing SOTA SWLs that have submitted logs over the years:

Your logs, as stored by me, will be uploaded into the Database in the next few days. After that, any further log entries should be done directly by yourself.

73, Tom G-20843

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom,

It will be good to get back into it as I still do a lot of SWL around the bands and a big thanks to Andy MM0FMF for the work setting it up.


OK folks.

The SWL logs held by me are now all in the Database. Some users’ logs contained some errors which I have corrected, and some entries for summits that were no longer SOTA summits on the dates in question (GMA etc). I even found a Swiss Lake and a CASHOTA activation in there!

A small number SWL logs will be missing for several users. These are known issues and the logs in question will be reinstated as soon as we have amended the Database to deal with them.

From now on, SWLs can enter their own logs into the SOTA Database directly themselves. While the section is still small, you may find the “All Associations” filter view of the honour roll is of most interest.

I see Colin G4UXH has entered some “Heard” logs under the SWL ident A6971. I am not familiar with this SWL ident - is it part of a club? Interested to learn more Colin!

Many participants are licensed amateurs. Please remember that you cannot claim SWL points for a SOTA activation that you have actually worked as a chaser - unless your SWL log is for hearing it on a different band/mode than that you worked it on.

73 and good listening,

Tom G-20843

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom,

Colin’s SWL is an old RSGB one, he will explain better than me, thank’s Tom for the work you have done in the past by doing the Logs.


In reply to G0VWP:
Hi Tom
The A6971 is my RSGB ONE FROM THE LATE 1960,Went into the loft to find my 2nd log book from 1970 with one of my qsl cards inside,my first call loged was G3MY WAB NET CONTROL,hope that is some help.

Just found my certificate from the RSGB ,i had been elected an (associate) member dated 15/Jan/1970,guess am an old timer?

           Colin A6971

Thanks for that Colin, I’d never heard of that series before. My own RSGB membership number is RS180710, so I could use BRS180710 for the SWL honour roll, but I prefer to use my ISWL number of G-20843.

Some of the variations of overseas SWL numbers are interesting. I’m not sure whether these are issued by any organisation, or just “adopted” by the users in some other way.

Tom G-20843 / BRS180710

In reply to M1EYP:

Not sure when the change came but I was A8390.

73 Richard G3CWI

In reply to G3CWI:

Not sure when the change came but I was A8390.

I was A-1744 when I first joined the RSGB in 1957. You got an SWL number in the A (Associate) series if you were aged under 21.

My ISWL number, which dates back to the same era, is G-8343. It is still “live”!

Walt (G3NYY

In reply to M1EYP:
I guess it was the junior member of the day or under 18 years old,

            Colin A6971

In reply to G3NYY:

I’m glad I’ve been able to tickle a few nostalgia glands with this update! I’m delighted that there are some people who have signed up who weren’t in Tom’s original manual system.

Happy listening…


In reply to MM0FMF:

Yes Andy it brings people out of the wood work things like this, I started when I was in the army 1967 when an officer give me his Eddystone to look after till he went to sandhurst and I never so him again till I was in Ireland on my 3rd stint, I was not a ham till 1995 so did a long time doing SWL and sill love doing it.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Hi all…noticed a new SWL from North America on the SWL database. As a SWL you would log the “activator” call sign…not what appears to be “chaser” call signs??? It appears to me that most( not all) summit references and activator call signs should have their country in common??? Just curious as there may be some confusion as to how to log a SWL QSO.


In reply to VA6FUN:

I’ve only had a brief look but it does look like chasers have been logged instead of the activators. Could simply be a back to front CSV file extraction by the SWLer.