SWL log

I’ve tried an SWL entry and it says I’m not registered. How do I get round this?

Well register then! :slight_smile:

Seriously all you need to do is, log in to SSO and update your account. On the account page enter a recognised format SWL ID and click save. It should now work. I don’t think you have to log out and log in but maybe you do. Try it.

I just used my callsign and did try the logout log in but still doesn’t work, I will give it ok in a day or two, thanks

I looked and it looks like you did everything correctly but you’re right, it doesn’t work. I’ll have a look this evening.

Did you find out what is wrong?

I’m not sure but when I tried it then it would not work. I tried it again now using a SWL ID that is not my callsign and it worked. I edited your account and changed your SWL ID to SWL2E0CPX and tried logging SWL chase and it worked. Not really conclusive but don’t use your callsign as a SWL ID and it would seem to be fine.