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Swiss activations planned Friday Jan 25 - Mon 28

I’m heading down to Switzerland tomorrow and hope to activate one peak per day with Paul HB9DST.

Alerts will be up tomorrow once Paul and I sync up.

I’ll most likely operate as HB9/W6PNG but I guess I should give HB9/M0SNA an airing.


Which modes and which bands please Paul? Unless you’re taking an 80m antenna I suspect i wont hear you as you’ll be too close for me. Perhaps ground wave on 40m though??

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Paul,

I suspect your Stateside call will attract more interest. Will keep an eye on the alerts and listen for you if I am around, but have some commitments coming up.

73, Gerald

Hi Ed

I’ll be on 40 and 20m SSB.

I’m borrowing Paul’s station so not sure if we will have 80m capability.


Hi Paul,
Going by today (Thursday 24th), both 20m and 40m are long - so you’ll stand a chance of some good DX - unfortunately that also means you’ll most likely be too close for me. I’ll take a listen in any case.

73 Ed.

Hi Paul,

I can see you spotted and am hearing the chasers but not a peep from you - as I feared, you are too close for me (skip distance) - sorry. I hope you had an enjoyable activation.

73 Ed.

I tried to tune up on 80m but no luck as the SWR was in excess of 10:1.

It was an excellent outing with sunshine,snow and views but after an hour my logging hand which was gloveless declares that was it…too cold and I wrapped up the activation (and my logging hand).

Some strong signals on 40m up to the UK and was thrilled to have N4EX work me on my 10w and bit of flimsy wire in the sky.

Hi Paul,
I’m glad to hear it went well. The frozen hand problem is common at this time of year - I know I get it on just about every activation I make - I have tried various types of gloves but I always seem to have to take at least one off for some job or other.
It looks like we might be getting more snow overnight and black ice on the roads tomorrow, so take care if you decide to do another activation tomorrow.

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed and we are heading down to the Lugano area just on the north side of Swiss/Italian border picked partly for scenery but also best weather in HB-land tomorrow!