SW-MW Potential confusion

Today (Saturday 10/03/2012) Caroline, MW3ZCB/P and Martyn MW1MAJ/P activated GW/SW-003, Fan Brycheiniog followed by GW/SW-010, Craig y Llyn.

Coincidentally, at similar times of day Viki, MW6BWA/P and Rodney, MW0JLA/P activated GW/MW-03 Drygarn Fawr followed by GW/MW-010, Gwaunceste Hill.

This extraordinary coincidence caused some confusion on air and I am putting this clarification on record to help chasers to get their logs correct without too much head scratching.

(Even more odd is the fact that last time the two pairs made contact on the hills we were all on Great Rhos in thick cloud and neither party saw any sign of the other!)