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SW-037 - the one that (nearly) got away

Hi All

Decided at last minute (I should know better by now!) to activate this one. Following departure of my boss I put on a quick alert and set out in bright sunshine. Traffic on M4 was a nightmare, what with rugby traffic and a giant dump truck overturned in the roadworks, so it was after my posted time and raining heavily when I arrived at the parking spot. Nearly gave up here, but having driven 40 miles thought I might as well give it a go. Rain had eased by the time I reached the summit, but it was rapidly getting dark. Got the XYL to spot me, first reply I heard was from G6LKB at about 2x2 - unfortunately we didn’t complete. Same story with M0COP. I was beginning to wonder whether I was going to qualify this one. Happily after a struggle made it with GW0DSP, then M3PXW. After a quick QSY up 5 to avoid a station just below me (apologies if I worked on top of an existing QSO, nothing was heard on the frequency initially but a feature of last night seemed to be deep QSB). Ater this a good solid contact with G4CLR in Blue Anchor ensued, then BVE called to give me the fourth contact. In rapidly failing light, half a gale and moderate rain I decided discretion was called for and declined John’s offer of a spot on 144.315, in fact I was so keen to get off the hill that I abandoned my normal procedure of packing everything away tidily ready for the next activation and just stuffed the kit in the rucksack and left. It was just dark by the time I reached the car, my haste was the right decision.

Thanks to my four contacts, apologies to those I didn’t make it with and for the “smash and grab”, hope to work more of you on my next SW evening sortie

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:

Hi paul, thanks for your patience and the contact last night, we got there in the end.
Although it’s only 184 kilometers between us, it is a very difficult path between North and South Wales.

Ironically, after we worked each other I tweaked the beam and you came up to a steady 53 with me.

Well done on qualifying the summit in very difficult conditions.

73 Mike

In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike

Thanks to you for the contact, you broke the “duck” and gave me the hope that I might qualify the summit after all! I have to admit I was surprised to hear you, SW-037 is quite lowly and there are some big lumps of rock on the way to NW!

A feature of last night seemed to be heavy QSB, so it might not have been the “tweaking” that did it!

Probably the barmiest activation I’ve done. Must get a head torch if I’m going to continue with these after work expeditions…

Look forward to working again

73 de Paul G4MD