SV9-CRETE here we comes!

Dear SOTA friends,

Monday 04-08 at 07.30 h local time … SV9 here we comes!

Our operating base (hotel)is in the village GEORGIOUPOLI nearby RETHIMNO.


Of course I cannot let go this adventure beyond without the activation of some SV/CR sota places.

However, I want inform you all that everything are not yet 100% certain.
I want say: if its really much too hot, very difficult excursion, very difficult ways, car rental ect … ect … it is be able that I must anulate/cancelled some sota-places. For this reason I post no days and times on te activation SOTAwatch2.

Then next … Sorry but I have no GSM cellphone with Internet. I will send a SMS message to Ed ON4EDM when QRV on the summit for each activation . I hope that Ed ON4EDM will do the necessary to the SOTAwatch2. Also I will ask to the first worked station if these want to spot me on a DX-cluster. Therefore you must keep these very close.

Furthermore I together with my Xyl Annemie will do our extreme best to bring everything to a successfully sota activation.

Next places stand on the list.

SV/CR-014-015-017-018-019-020-021-022-023 and perhaps 1 - 10 pointer. We dont knowing yet which one. Will examine there.

Callsign: SV9/ON6DSL/P
QRG: 144.+ 145 MHz FM and SSB - 14.285 - 7.090 SSB (All QRG ± QRM)
Rig: FT 817 ND - (Only QRP ±5 - 8 W) - SLAB 12 V-7.2 Amps
Tuner: LDG Z100
Antenna: Dipole 20 M band at 3 m up on a fishing-pole and multiband vertical MFJ-1899-T on a small tripot.

Our son Nick ON3DSN stay at home(vacation job)

Back home ON-land on 11-08.

So I hope to work you.
Cu - 73
Luc ON6DSL and Xyl Annemie

Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Luc. SV is too hot for me :o).

I will be looking out for you. If not from home, then from DL and I am determined to activate a few DM/RP’s.



In reply to ON3WAB:

Hi Peter,

At the end of the month august I will do also some DM/RP’s activations.
Only if the Wx is ok, because we go with the tent one week to Prum.
Good activation to you also.

Cu Nxt

We’ll be staying in Bad Dürkheim (7 till 15 aug) and SOTA activating in Naturpark Pfälzerwald.


In reply to ON6DSL:

I will send a SMS message to Ed ON4EDM when QRV on the summit for each activation. Ed ON4EDM will spot me also on the Dx-Cluster.

I hope that Ed will do the necessary.


In reply to ON6DSL:
Hello Luc
very fine!
y hope to heart you! best hollydays
73’s QRO
f5nep Lionel

In reply to ON6DSL:

Welcome Luc

i wish you the best adventure you ever had!

good luck with the SOTA thing (believe me you will need a lot of luck :)).

i will monitor 14.285 SSB for you.

73, Panos, SV1COX

In reply to ON6DSL:


In reply to ON6DSL:

Dear sota friends,

I have tried to come out on the summits SV/CR014 + 015 … but everywhere it was a BIG QRM each ±2 minutes of S5 up to 9+ on 20 M band and ALL other HF vhf uhf bands. No activation possible. :frowning:


A day later it was the same on SV/CR012 + 019. QRM S5 and higher, again no activation possible. :frowning:

Then I have decided to undertake no further actions. NO SOTA on SV9-land.

I suppose that the QRM comes from a type of wireless internet or so from the many radiostations which stands on numerous summits.

Perhaps Panos SV1COX can inform us more about were the QRM is comming from.


In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luc

i am very sorry for your bad SOTA experience on Crete, but i hope that at last it was a nice holiday for you and your family.

As for the HF QRM i can only think the usual suspects: some bad diodes or joints on FM radio or TV broadcasting stations OR/AND the Suda NATO base (this summer was HOT on many ways…).

Demetre, SV2BZM, will be there next weekend and perhaps he will update your report about QRM thing.

best regards
Panos, SV1COX

In reply to SV1COX:

Hi, jassas, Panos,

Yes Panos, it was a splendid holiday just like in 2007! Nice temps, nice eating, pleasant and lovely people and hotel.

On the summits it was a big problem about the QRM. But no problem on the beach, there was the QRM a lot less. (± S:4-6) So that I have each two days (evenings) good QSO’s with my son Nick ON3DSN, my brother Paul ON6AW, and my friends Ed ON4EDM and Albert ON6BM and other friends from ON-land with ± 5 W /QRP on 20 m band 14.280-285.

We rent a car and driving 870 km around the island in 4 days, especially in the Nord and West and South site mountains and valley’s with a lot of small villages, and so high as possible. (± 1500-2000 m ASL)

I had normally an appointment with SV9GPV George, but I have not been possible to reach him. Not via telefoon and TxRx … perhaps a next time. I was on the QTH from George, and took a picture from the antennaes.

Probably if everything will be ok, we return next year again. But we also think about 5B4-land … Cyprus.

Kalimera, adio