SV2RUJ Sota Tour

SV2RUJ Stavros from Greece.
I started a SOTA tour from Greece on the 24th of March, with summit SV/MC-093 and continued to Bulgaria. Then Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland and back to Greece after 19 days and 20 summits. I want to thank everyone for helping me at this SOTA tour and next time I hope to meet more radio amateurs. This time I had the pleasure to meet Franck F4ISZ in France and Alexander YU1CA in Serbia. I am already getting ready for my next SOTA trip hoping to meet one of you. 73 Stavros SV2RUJ from Greece.

73 Stavros SV2RUJ from Greece.


we are waiting in Poland… Wioletta/Leszek


A Great Job Stavros. Thanks for the German S2S QSO.

73 Michael


You passed through Austria without activating a single summit! How could you! :scream:

73 Heinz


Great job Stavros!

73 Christos

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Why Stavros chases S2S as SV2RUJ/1 instead of /P - I mean CW that he is probably use some electronic helpers … not Begali paddle shown on some movies …

73, Jarek

Hope to meet you soon by person. SV2RUJ and SV4SWQ. Stavros and Ioanna

It was a grand sadness for Stavros as well. It was raining unstoppable. Both going up and when coming down. Very bad luck ! Stavros SV2RUJ

Hello from Stavros. SV2RUJ is new at CW and tries a lot not to make mistakes. Thank you for telling him. He will try to correct it.