SV/MC-071 activation by SV2SOQ/P on 9/8/2023

Dear YL and OM,
I have been logging my QSOs i had this Wednesday 9/8/2023 on SV/MC-071 and i noticed that most of the “who chased me” conducts were logged without the “/P” suffix, so I derive than I must have spotted myself not as SV2SOQ/P but as SV2SOQ.
I would therefore kindly ask the chasers to correct their logged QSOs by adding the missing portable suffix.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

BTW, the route to the summit is 4.75km long with 720m altitude difference, trough a beech trees forest. It took us 2h:10’ to reach the summit and 2h to get down. from the summit you have a good view of the valley and the sea below and the north side of Olymus mountain.

73 de SV2SOQ, Kosmas.