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Anyone help.
This is not registered or has it been added since.


In reply to G4JZF:

Great minds think alike Graham, hi.
I’ll delete my post now.


Mike DSP


Looking at the log entries in the DB, MC would be SV8 but both stations signed SV2. In my prefix DB, Macedonia would be SV2. Confused.

73 Norby


In reply to G4JZF:

Has anyone come up with the answer to this one, or have we all been April fooled, hi?


In reply to GW0DSP:
Well, the accent was certainly Greek - has anyone resolved this one yet?
73 de CRIS


In reply to GW0DSP
Check out Kostas’s QRZ.COM entry (last updated 31-03-07) > SV2LLB
73 Cris


In reply to GM4FAM:

Thanks Cris, just had a butchers and it would appears to be a good one, will log it when the DB is updated.
Heard you on this am 599+40 here, lol.

73 de Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:
Yep, think its good too - hope so cos SV is one of the rarer DXCC SOTAs!
You are loud here also. Exciting times to be part of SOTA - totally addictive!

73 de CRIS


Both the online database, and the latest version of the Greece Association Reference Manual only include 3 summits (up to MC-003) in the SV/MC region. Therefore, this doesn’t appear to be a valid SOTA activation. However, if there are revisions to the SV ARM, that include SV/MC-005 valid from say 1st April, then retrospective claims may be made by chasers and activators. I have no knowledge of any revisions, but perhaps they are on their way through cyberspace right now!

If/when these extra summits are added to the SV association, I will advise on here.



In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for that info Tom.

vy 73



In reply to GW0DSP:

hello Mike

we wish to update the Greek ARM and summits database entries only once per year to reduse the load of SOTA management team.

I do that on every august. This year due to increased activity and many new summits i will send the database entries next week.

good luck

73, Panos, SV1COX


In reply to SV1COX:
Many thanks for the info Panos

73 Graham G4JZF


In reply to SV1COX:

Hello Panos

Many thanks for the info.

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to GW0DSP:

welcome Mike

i allready send the new excel file to Tom, M1EYP.

have a great time

73, Panos, SV1COX


OK everyone, the database has now been updated, with lots of new SV/ summits. Your activator and chaser logs for SV/MC-004, SV/MC-005 etc may now be entered, and the points claimed retrospectively, as the “valid from” date covers the dates of the activations. Sotawatch 2 will be updated in due course by Jon GM4ZFZ.

Thank you all for your patience.



In reply to M1EYP:

Thank you Tom.

73, Panos, SV1COX


In reply to SV1COX:
Yes, thanks to Tom for the updates.
A question on the exact callsigns used in the April activations from MC-004 and MC-005 - I have logged the following calls:-
01/04/07 (MC-005) - SV2KBB/P
07/04/07 (MC-004) - SV2LLB/P
Are these calls correct or should they be SV2KBB/2/P or SV2KBB/2 (or other?).
73 de CRIS


In reply to GM4FAM:

hello Cris

as i am able to know SV2KBB and SV2LLB are two different radio amateurs (Arxelaos & Kwstas) and yes i am sure they are also SOTA activators.

73, Panos, SV1COX


In reply to M1EYP:

Tom SV/TH-003 and SV/TH-004 are not on database (pse see the excell file on Thrace region).

many thanks

73, Panos, SV1COX


In reply to SV1COX:
Greetings Panos
Thank-you for the information! I need the EXACT call of Arxelaos and Kwstas, like SV2KBB/2 or SV2KBB/P/2 or SV2KBB/P?
73 de CRIS