SV/CR-041 Katharo 1st Activation

My 2nd activation while on holiday on Crete.

I thought I’d go for the most local unactivated summit.

Firstly… it’s amazing where you can drive a Toyota Corolla. I don’t recommend using a standard car to reach the recommend start point. Hire a small 4x4 instead.

I tried to find a path shown on the map but it wasn’t in evidence on the ground. I sort of expected that and had a back up plan which involved going over the subsidiary western peak of Trouli Kapsalou and down to a col before the final steeper climb to the summit.

The vegetation was fairly sparse which allowed me to largely stay unprickled. There are no paths, just the occasional goat/sheep track which I used while they went in the direction I wanted.

The ground is surprisingly complex, with numerous gullies which can trap your progress. It’s largely scrub lower down, with increasing areas of Limestone pavement and scree as you ascend.

The ascent to the first top was straightforward. The linking col needed some care as it was quite complicated, with several downs and ups and rocky in places.

I was soon on the final, steeper, climb to the main summit. Still on scree and exposed Limestone.

Once on the summit I had a break for food and plenty of water. The sun was blazing and it was pretty warm… but most of the time there was a cool breeze.

KX2 with ATU.
Carbon 6 pole

I started on 20m and had a hard time. Just 4 contacts.
The Welsh SOTA gang were trying to get me. I QSYed to a number of frequencies, all without success, except to Ben GW4BML. Sorry everyone else.

I tried 40m… got zip.

So… back to 20m for another go, which added another 5 contacts.

All in all a poor radio day… but a cracking walk and a 1st Activation too.

I tried an alternative route in descent. The lowest 200m (vertical) before the vehicle track was scrub and very rough. It’s a lot shorter but not recommended.

I’ve put both tracks on SOTA Mapping.

It’s amazing where you can get a Toyota Corolla if you are careful and used to a bit of off road driving.

Looking west across the Lasithi Plateau

Looking east to the main summit

Summit trig seen better days.

See both the north and south coasts, looking east.

The vegitated lower section on my “shortcut” descent.

The two tops. Main on left and subsidiary on the right. Taken on the drive back out.



Congrats Gerald on a first activation summit. We were all listening for you in GW but the bands were broken…one of the worst days that I’ve experienced.

Well done again.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Great report and images @MW0WML Gerald - well done on being the first to activate the summit! I had my ear on the speaker, but we managed 20/17m :+1: good to get you!

73, Ben

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