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SV/AG-001 Zas-Activation

Hi all,

I have arrived at Naxos Island with my wife and my son yesterday. There were no problems with the hf-equipment at the airport. I have had the Rig in my rucksack wth me in the cabin and the antenne etc. in my case. I have planned to take my new IC-703 with me to SV-land, but unfortunately the TX have had a failure: no tx output! The local dealer have had fixed the problem, the tx predriver was dead. therefore I decided to take the ft-817 with me, with this rig I never have had any problems.
At the next Sunday morning I will start from Naxos town to the summit Zas early and I hope to be there in time. I plan to start at 14.285 kHc in SSB about 10 h GMT. Other bands are possible, I will use the FT-817, elecraft-ATU and a dipol with open-wire-line.
I hope to have contact with many of the SOTA people!
…sunny greetings from Naxos, hope to here you soon!

73 de Lutz SV8/DL3SBA

In reply to DL3SBA:

Hi Lutz,

enjoy your holiday !!

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DL3SBA:

Jassas Lutz,

First: Enjoy your holiday in sunny SV8-land with the entire family!

Hope to work you in august (first week) from SV9 land as SV9/ON6DSL/P on several summits.
I take also the FT817ND with me and the MFJ 1899 T antenna and a dipole 20-40 M band … according the summit.

I read: There were no problems with the hf-equipment at the airport. I have had the Rig in my rucksack wth me in the cabin and the antenne etc

Do you have something else done special for the licence, perhaps the slab etc.
Can you give me more detail about the airport authorities …

Thanks …



Ps: I’aime still in consideration taking something with me SV9 land.

In reply to ON6DSL:
Hallo Luc,

no, I have not done any special for the radio gear. The FT-817 was in the rucksack with me, the battery, antenna, tuner I had put in the suitcase. I have had a copy of the CEPT regulations from the cq-DL magazin with me, but I don’t need it. No one was asking for the radio. In further years when I had the bigger TS-50 with me I was asked sometimes for the radio, I told then something about shortwave receiver and that I can not use it without 12 V power…there was never a big problem.
I wish you a good travel to SV9, hope to hear you from SV9!

73 de SV8/DL3SBA Lutz

In reply to DL3SBA:
Today I walked to the Zas summit. I reached the summit at 8:30 h UTC, earlier then expecteted. After looking around and taking some picture I built up the HF-station. 20m seems to be in very poor conditions, I have heard only a very few stations from Italy and eastern europe, 15 m was dead but on 10 m there were many stations in QSO. So I start calling on 28.560 MHz and afer 45 minutes I was very happy by loging over 20 QSO’s to DL, UA, ON,OE and OK. At 10 h UTC I changed to 20 m. My cq calling was answered first by SV8FEB OM Vangelis from Naxos city - I have met Vangelis in a Restaurant this evening and we talked about SOTA, hamradio and greece. It was a very nice talking to a greece OM.

On 20 m conditions seemed to be very poor, only 6 further contacts are in the log.
I have not heard any station from the UK, I am sorry.
Thank you for the QSO’s, thanks for spotting to DG1HVL, DG0JMB and HB9AFI.
I will activate Zas again or perhaps Strubulus SV/AG-004 on Paros - but I have to check the ferry boot timetable first.
I will set a alert on Sotawatch in time.
73 to all - I hope that the propagation will improve!


In reply to DL3SBA:

Vr nice dr Lutz, congrats

what was your route to summit? Just before Danakos village (Ag.
Marina -edited- church)or from Zas cave? Did you have a look inside the cave?

have a nice time there
73, Panos, SV1COX

P.S. i wonder if you miss that AG-031 is Also on Naxos Isl.

In reply to SV1COX:
Yassas Panos,

Thank you very much for your hint to AG-031! I have not noticed that the summit Ai Lias AG-031 is on Naxos too. I will try to activate this summit in the next days, I may ask my family when they will stay at the hotel…so I can have fun with climbing and hamradio!
My route to the Zas summit started at the small church Marina before Danakos. When comming back from Zas I needed to fill up my water bottle and I drove to the parking spot for the Zas cave. I filled up the bottle at the water spring and walked to the Zas cave. I went only 10 m into the cave, it was very dark inside and I had no lamp with me. I took some fotos inside for my son and walked back to the car parking.
Showing the fotos to my son Moritz in the evening he was very interested to see the cave too…we will go together to Zas cave in the next days.
Thank you for your post,

73 de Lutz SV8/DL3SBA

In reply to DL3SBA:

Vr nice Lutz. Yes Ag.Marina is the church you are rigth. I was up there just after x-mass from the same route. (photos on: http://sota.gr/group/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=12)

A visit in Zas cave is hihgly recomended.If you dont thougth it you can set the camera on 10secs exposure and “sweep” the cave with your torch. The result will be a nice and well illuminated photo of the cave.

i wish you and your family the best vacation you ever had.

73, Panos, SV1COX

In reply to SV1COX:

Hi Panos, Hi all,

I and my family have returned from Naxos to a cold and rainy Germany last night. What a contrast to the sunny and warm SV-land!
It was a great pleasure for me to activate three Greek summits: SV/AG-001 Zas, SV/AG-031 Ai Lias both at Naxos island and SV/AG-004 Strubulas at Paros island. The HF-propagations seemed to be a littlebit poor and I had only the small FT-817 with me using about 8 watts out in SSB, so I say thank you to all chasers to dig out my certainly weak and QSB signal on the lousy bands. And thank you to all chasers who tried to hear me but could not copy anything.
With my son I visited the Zas cave a second time. I will upload some fotos of the cave and the summits to flickr at the next weekend.
We will remember our holidays in SV-land at Naxos as the best journey we ever had: a very nice island, very friendly people, true summer weather, a very comfortable hotel and enjoying hamradio on Greek SOTA summits!

73 de Lutz DL3SBA