Sunny day on Mont Morion I/VA-145

Today I went on Mont Morion profiting the free access by car to the base of the summit. It was the festivity of Notre Dame des Neiges with a big participation of people to the procession at the near Sanctuaire de Cuney (perhaps the highest in Europe at over 2600m). So the ascent was only of less than 300m, more easy for my old legs and my suffering heart.
The weather was sunny, clear and with a light north wind, fresh but not cold. On the top we (I and my friend Ivo) found a sheltered location to install the rig: a SW-3B radio with a 4s Li-ion home made pack, a fabulous BA-MA KEY TPIII at its first test on a summit and a LW antenna with tuner. A second spare antenna was an MFJ1820T.
Despite the bad propagation I made qso on the 3 bands of the rig (20,30,40m) and one qso on 2 m FM with a local OM.
The panorama was excellent towards Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc and many other SOTA and non SOTA summits. Very difficult to leave this paradise and come back home! See the pics.

Many thanks to my friend Ivo: without him my wife would not give me the permission to go on a summit (with some reasons anyway).


Stunning views!!

Thanks for sharing and well done on the activation.