Sunday: NMD stations on SOTAs

Tomorrow, Sunday 19 July, is the National Mountain Day contest in Switzerland. Participants will operate on the 80m band from 0600 to 0959 UTC. To qualify as an NMD station, it must have a QTH at least 800m ASL and have a total station weight of 6 kg, in other words a portable station.

NMD stations can operate in either CW (3510 - 3560 kHz) or SSB (3600 - 3650 kHz). NMD stations working each other must exchange a plain-text message of at least 15 characters; QSOs with non-NMD stations require only a signal report.

Because they are portable, some NMD stations elect to set up on a SOTA summit. During the contest on 80m, SOTA chasers can work NMD stations just as they would any other SOTA activator. I also expect that immediately after the contest at 1000 UTC, some NMD stations will hang around, switch bands and work a few more chasers.

The following NMD stations have registered for a QTH that is also a SOTA (I make no claim that the list is complete):

AG-001 Stierenberg HB9HGQ/p SSB
BE-101 Moron HB3YMQ/p SSB, HB9CLN/p CW
BE-104 Chasseral HB9GKR/p SSB
BE-109 Blaseflue HB9DGV/p CW
BE-111 Gurten HB9FWO/p SSB
LU-027 Ruswilerberg HB9CDH/p CW
NE-007 Le Soliat HB9CBR/p CW
SG-046 Ruine Neutoggenburg HB9CGA/p CW
SO-001 Hasenmatt HB9BCA/p CW
ZH-006 Buerglen HB9DST/p CW
ZH-010 Laegern HB9TIA/p SSB

We all would appreciate a contact, which gives us an additional point towards the leader board.

tnx, 73
Paul HB9DST/p

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