Summits on the air x 4 ( dl/mf-080 )

“Summits on the air X 4”

was the slogan of the summit activation of the mountian “Großer Traithen”
on September 26th. The amateur radio operators Wolfgang DL4MHA, Tom
DL7TOM, Maja DN4OD and Frank DJ2FR met early in the morning, at 6am, to
start an adveturous journey to the summit of the mountain at 1852 meters.
The effort of the demanding climbing was well rewarded with an
astonishing view and a great takeoff for radio to Munich and the alpine
foothills. As the weather was nice, the composition of the radios could
start soon.
There were two shortwave and one VHF station simultaneously on air all
the time.
QSOs were made on the 17, 20, 30, 40 and 2 meter bands in CW, SSB and FM.
Connections on VHF with Frankfurt and Stuttgard and shortwave with the
USA were the highlights of the summit activiation.
Big pile-ups of all the chasers left hardly any free time for the hams
who worked hard to give everyone a chance for a QSO.
At the end of the eventful day, there were 125 connections in the log.

Some more photos on Flickr:

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