Summits near Paris - please advise

Hi. I will be in St Aubin this week and I am going to activate a nearby summit F/NO-117 Foret de Marly or F/NO-112 Bois de Villiers.

Can anyone from Paris advise if they are safe, how long it takes to climb them by walk, any hints which I should know. I will be without any specialised equipment, just normal shoes, jeans, and jacket. I will be using a 2m handleld with an improved inbuilt vertical. Will I have difficulties to find anyone from Paris wanting to QSO with Sota activator?

This is my first time activation and I hope for some hints from local hams. Merci!

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Today I tried to activate the mountain on 2m FM with my vertical, hoping for large community in Paris. Unfortunately no QSO was done, and I don’t know whether the Paris community estimates are way to high? Or maybe I failed partially (transmition from tree-covered area).

Anyway, I will attempt once more today, on Wednesday, around 19:00 local time/17:00 CET

Please keep fingers crossed for me!

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Quite sorry cosly i can’t help you anymore.
I live in southern nr Marseille.
If you are here, let me know.
73 QRO

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Merci, Roger

I was trying but I am not sure if my poor equipment would allow anything this time. I will try next time, somewhere in July

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I have the feel that there’s not much SOTA activity in the area of Paris.
People are mainly busy with work, traffic and enjoying that beautiful city.


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Tree cover can be interfering with VHF communications, in particular when you are using vertical polarization, although in most cases you will “see” enough gaps to be able to hear and work somebody. Have you scanned over the repeater section of the band, just to check whether you can receive anything?

There is, however, considerably less activity on the simplex frequencies on VHF nowadays compared to, say, 20 years ago. I suppose most hams are on shortwave now, if they are active at all. There may be many hams in Paris and its surroundings, but they may not listen on 2 m any more, or if they do, they may keep to the repeater frequencies. Maybe you could try to solicit for a simplex QSO on a repeater? Worked for me in the late-ish 1990s in Berlin.

I hope you managed some contacts after all.

vy 73, Jan-Martin

All, sorry for late reply - not sure how to set notifications on thread updates…

I have not managed VHF, but I am going to try HF in October. I hope Europe will respond… :slight_smile:

In HF… I don’t care for you !!! :smiley:
Good trip in France !

Tof - if you are available on VHF band, I’d gladly QSO with you…
Cheers! :smile:

Sorry miss the msg,
So I’m very far away from Paris… I’m Near DIeppe (Sea side of the Channel !!!) Only if propagation on SSB CW will be good !!! Don’t think on FM !! Normaly 7 MHz must be the better band but the prop is very changing !!!
Good luck with these summit…