summits missing in SMP

After having activated HB/TG-008 today I wanted to upload my track. Both the SMP “main mapping” and “tracks mapping” pages are only showing 5 of the 9 summits in the HB/TG region. TG-008 is among the summits not shown. In the past I have successfully uploaded numerous tracks, but never experienced this problem before.

73, Markus HB9BRJ

Yes. I’ve been trying to open the VE7 and W7W pages: Codes not found


Also in OE/OO summits are missing. Most of the unactivated ones are affected.

Even the one that I activated just hours ago (OE/OO-340 Tamberg)

Thanks in advance for taking care.
73 de Joe

Sotamaps only displays number 1 to 227 of the 258 summits in LA/HM

The database used by SotaMaps appears to be mostly empty now.

“Regions: No records match your request, VE7”

I’m not sure who should I contact to notify the admin this problem. By tradition it should be webmaster@ the site domain name?

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There’s a contact form on the main page that gets to me eventually, or Reflector might be quicker.

OK, restarting everything now. I’ve tracked down the reason, if not the root cause. More to follow once I get it all back up and running.

Right, should be back in action now.

The immediate cause of the issue was a full root volume causing the database process to eventually die. The cause of the full root volume was an automated job that runs every two minutes to scrape the Alerts data from SW2. This job utilises an external library to parse the HTML via a regular expression matcher. The expression used by this external library is not semantically correct for the more modern version of PHP from the recent upgrade. This result in PHP errors which are reported via cron as an email to the user that runs that job. These emails were approximately 1MB in size each, and over the course of several days, filled the volume with 2.6GB of errors.

The immediate resolution to the problem was to remove the emails, restart the database server and disable the automated job. The final resolution will be to rewrite the automated job to use the API rather than screen scraping the HTML.


Thanks for the quick fix! Seems to work perfect again :wink:

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This should now be fixed permanently.

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The same effect today for EA7/Summits. There are only 30 Summits of 120 in EA7/MA-xxx listed im SMP.
73 de Peter, EA7/HB9CMI

I’m just playing a bit with some of the configurations that impact this. Basically there’s a couple of automatic tasks that allocate large amounts of memory and occasionally they coincide and put the system under memory pressure. This has increased after the patching, so I’m tweaking a few things to try fix that.