Summits around Friedrichshafen (2016)

Hello dear OMs,

this year we are going to Friedrichshafen on Thursday morning, which gives us opportunity to activate few summits. Can you please give suggestions on some summits in 80km driving range?

We will come by car at around 11am to Friedrichshafen to accomodate, so we can do probably 2-3 summits in the afternoon.

We are four hams, two are SOTA activators, two are just hams with not much interest in climbing remote hill tops, so the activation zone should be within 1km walking distance.

We are open to go to DM/DL/HB9/HB0 as long as there is parking available. (I do not want to get into issues with police/park rangers/…)

Thank you for your suggestions.

Marek, OK1BIL

Marek, For many summits in that area HB9CZF provides parking (and other) information. Just click summit details.

73, Hans PB2T

Thank you Hans, good to know!

I am looking for enjoyable summits some other people going to FH activated - which are worth the 500km drive.

Marek, OK1BIL

Marek, here are a few local summits that are easily accessible and should meet your criteria of a short walking distance:

  • OE/VB-511 Eichenberger Hochberg
    Plenty of space, nice view, limited but near by parking possibilities. Can also be reached by bus.

  • HB/AR-004 Kaienspitz
    Huge parking lot, excellent view over Lake Constance and HB9, great for VHF

  • HB0/LI-012 Schellenberg
    Short hike, no view from the summit but the easiest way to activate in HB0 :wink:

  • DM/BW-086 Hohenhewen
    A bit more hiking required which is rewarded with an excellent view, a sight tower and incredible 8 points.

Be aware that there are many, much more exciting, SOTA summits around here, which you might miss that way!

I´d be happy to do a joint activation around here while Hamradio, by the way :smiley:

Tom - OE9TKH

Hi Marek,

I also suggest OE/VB-511 … I activated this summit in 2012 and found it to be a nice, easy hike. I parked the car in a small village called “MÖGGERS” (no free parking!). You can check my GPS-Track on SMP:

And DL/AL-277 also seems to be an easy one … but I never activated it so far! Maybe this year??

73 Martin, OE5REO

For OE/VB-511 nearby parking is usually possible at the roadside here.