Summitbase News Published

The September Summitsbase News has just beem published and Mike has produced a bumper edition this month. It is for registered users at:

The news will still be undergoing minor edits today and will be released to anonymous users tomorrow (Wednesday).

Mike would appreciate feedback on the news at:

News for the October issue of Summitsbase News should be sent to:


73 John GW4BVE

The Summitbase News is now viewable by users who are not registered.

Mike G4BLH

In reply to G4BLH:

Cheers Guys. Sadly I got mentioned in the one bit of SOTA News I didn’t want to find myself in. I managed to tweak bits in both feet and one knee descending in difficult conditions. I’m still a bit sore although the worst bit (right ankle) is fine now. Logistics say I won’t be revisiting the mountains until at least next April so I’m sure by then things will be OK. I look forward to getting back out there and am cursing my luck at having to cut my last trip short. Must remember not to approach NW-005 from the south again.


Mick 2E0MCV