Summit XX/XX-000 for chatting

Sometimes I wish a relaxed QSO with the many nice Sota friends. “What’s your garden doing, have you ordered the KX2 yet, or what did the medical examination in Bern reveal?” In the pile up on a summit there is no time for it.

That’s why I have the following idea.

Everyone, whether chaser or activator, at a summit, portable or at home can spot the virtual summit XX / XX-000. And shares his interest in a QSO. Of course there are no points for it.

Maybe my idea is a little crazy, but what do you think about it?

73 Chris

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Maybe use the reflector to start or coordinate it?

You might want to consider using the “channels” already dedicated to SOTA, that work worldwide:

  • D-STAR: reflector DCS033 module S
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Brandmeister TalkGroup 973
  • FUSION C4FM: node FCS004 group 73
  • WIRES-X: Wires-X room 44050 SOTA-Link
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Using the spots for non-spots is not condoned, and likely to annoy chasers, activators looking for S2S etc.


At various times people have tried running a SOTA net. The most successful might have been the Echolink one but even that soon ceased. Maybe the time is right to try again?

There is a SOTA Zello group.

Not everyone has digital capabilities.