Summit-to-summit points?

Hi all,

I may have been imagining it (it would be nice if true), but I thought I read that you could score extra points if you (as an activator) managed a summit-to-summit QSO.

I went back a re-read the SOTA General Rules.pdf document, but alas I didn’t find any.

I may have a) imagined it, or b) read some discussion on here on the reflector.

Can someone maybe enlighten me?


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Hi Bernard,

The only “extra” points you get are chaser points. No bonus from an activator’s point of view in terms of points, but it is always a real pleasure to have an S2S with someone doing pretty much what you are.

73, Gerald

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There is also a S2S award available from, which is also a very useful website for UK summits.


Brian G8ADD

Got to add, that some /P call you but don’t tell you, they are on a referenced summit. You only find out later, by chance.

73 Norby

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There is also a S2S award available from, which
is also a very useful website for UK summits.

Same award…hi !

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it’s a problem, because not every SOTA stn signs /p

Not realy a problem Mario, because:
1/ if you self spotlite before starting, you will know who is on the air (you get back a copy of spots)
2/ if you hear a pile up on 7.032, it’s surely a SOTA !!!
3/ I often made S2S without knowing the other’s call…(/p or not …) and ask him during the QSO

73 Alain

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Hi all,

Ok, thanks for the comments, and the clear-up.

I am far-off reaching the requirements, even for class 3 award, so I won’t be worrying too soon.

Norby: yes, good point about /P. I find myself forgetting sometimes. It happens when the cold gets to me. I’ll have to make out a script card.

thanks and 73 all,


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spotlite/self spotting I never used, it is not necessary. The SOTA
community is very intent. Sometimes, when I check the SWR of my
antenna with a long daaaaaaaah, the first …–… are coming over the
band. Thanks to all chasers.

Yes Mario, self spotting is not necessary if you start on 7.032, but very useful if you start on 10 or 14 MHz, or when you have to change QRG because of RTTY contest… hi !
May be it is the same when you are on SSB.

Purist can think that spotlite should not exists (cluster too) but It’s very frustrating to climb for few hours and, when on summit, get no answer… and go down without any (or with 1 or 2) contact.

topic: had today a lot of S2S QSOs. Points are growing for the next S2S->award class and I can use this points in my chaser entry.

Fine Mario, S2S QSOs are very attractive, specially with low power.

73 Alain