Summit to Summit log issue

Hi everyone,
I have successful upload my over 30 activatons to the database by
Menu-Summits-Import Activator TSV/CSV using the following format example:


Everything works fine, but now I notice, that my S2S contacts are not listed in database
Menu-View Results -My results -My summit to summit log

What am I doing wrong?

Tnx, Chris, DL1CR

STS entries have to be entered as a Chaser entry. So you enter it in as a contact, but then you also have to list separately as a chaser entry. I am not familiar with importing, so I am not sure what needs to be done when importing,

Hi Chris,
S2S is part of Chaser logging, not Activator logging. I “think” you can load the same CSV file as a chaser log and you will get the S2S entries. I personally enter the S2S entries manually through the web entry screen for chaser logging.

73 Ed.


The same format file is used for activations, chases and S2S log entry. Import the file for activations and then import the file for chases. All the valid entries will be found and entered for you.

Tnx for all of yours quick replies. I’ve imported my s2s file for chasers and it works fine for me.