Summit to Summit DX

An interesting statistic to extract would be the distance of each summit to summit QSO.

Assuming “A Great Circle Short Path” and that the earth is a perfect sphere.

The Lat/Long of both summits are already in the DB so with a bit of Spherical Trig the distance could be calculated.

I just wonder what the best S2S DX is!


In reply to GM4NFI:

My best to date are:

Bill W4ZV - W4C/EM-047 to G/CE-001 6261 km
Bill W4ZV - W4C/WP-012 to GW/SW-002 6199 km
Barry N1EU - W2/GC-115 to G/CE-001 5383 km
Barry N1EU - W2/GC-002 to G/CE-001 5347 km

(All ATS4 - 4 watts cw to EFHW at my end)

I’m sure I’m well down the pecking order when it comes to real S2S DX.


In reply to G4ISJ:

I know Robert G0PEB has worked VK S2S. I think he worked Paul VK5PAS for the first VK-G S2S.


In reply to GM4NFI:

Dave - in the SOTA Mapping Project, go to the Range page, click on the tools bar on the left, click the Show button, choose your two summits and click the Calculate button. You get distance, short path track and forward/reverse bearings. You can choose calculation methods based on a perfect sphere (accurate to about 0.5%), or choose the Vincenty method which is based on an oblate spheroid Earth, and which is reputed to be accurate to within a few millimeters on the Earth ellipsoid.

Other methods/programs/websites are of course available…


My personal best remains The Cloud G/SP-015 to Burn Benchmark W6/CT-136, 8505km. 10m CW, 5 watts.

(Worked out courtesy of Rob’s SOTA Mapping Project).