Summit report: HB/LU-028, Sonnebergwald (nearby Lucerne, Central Switzerland)

Dear all

As some of you may already have heard on the bands, HB/LU-028 is my home hill, a really beautiful place to do SOTA and not being exhausted afterwards.

The hill Sonnenberg is located in the west of Lucerne. I’ve collected the essentials for an activation and some additional info. So I hope that this summit report may be useful for you, if you travel nearby and have spare time.

SOTA summit report: HB/LU-028, Sonnebergwald

SOTA summit report: HB/LU-028, Sonnebergwald

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Many tnx for the info Markus!
Will try to activate your “home”-summit when I am near Lucerne.
Best wishes and 73
Schöne Sunntig