Activation of Beacon Hill, W7A/CS-038, on Monday, May 18, by both KE7BGM and K6HPX/P, was mistakenly listed as W7A/AW-038. Sorry for the error; please correct your log, if already submitted.
All Best, Ken


Haha - yeah, we were kinda wondering. Looks like you and Kay had a fun couple of days.
Charlie NJ7V

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Thanks Charlie,
Yes, fun indeed; first “real” time out in more than a year. We were out and about in the Land Rover; the bear-resistant, leakproof tent on wheels that sleeps 2, and goes most anywhere! We love it so!
All Best, Ken & Kay

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Apparently 80% of all Land Rovers made are still on the road. The rest made it home! :slight_smile:


There’s (bits of at least) three of them here:

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We have a 2010 LR4. It’s 7 feet from back of front seats to rear window; all flat. 2" of foam with flannel sheet, and a down comforter. We’re both 5’ 6", so very roomy and comfortable. THE perfect machine for multi-day SOTA adventures. It’s also part of the Brit / Yank special relationship; first Rover being built up on a WW2 Willys jeep chassis!