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Just a question re Summit exchange. When i activate a summit i assume i am to give my summit location number to every qso in turn. So why do some people wait for me to send it and others don’t, one guy even sent 73 before i got his call so i guess i’ll get email for him as he is not in my log. Can’t log a call if i haven’t copied it yet through the pile up and he’s buzzed off.
I assume with the Alert and Spot system most ops would have read where i am anyhow. mmm Just thought i’d ask that question before i venture into my next activation. Sorry if i missed anyone I forgot ear phones and the thunder storm and wind on the hill was quite noisy amoung 30 odd wind generators spinning full speed. Now thats a sight to see .
73 till next time de Ian vk5cz …

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As a minimum you exchange calls and reports. You are not mandated to give the summit ref. on every QSO but it’s nice if you can.

On SSB/FM it’s not an issue to give the ref. but it does slow down the exchange rate on CW. Most CW ops give the ref. on the first few QSOs and then every 5-10 QSOs. The significant majority of chasers will have internet access and will know what it is from SOTAwatch anyway.


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Hi Ian. All you really need to exchange is callsigns, unless the op you are working does not know your summit. Most activators only send the summit identifier periodically during their cq.
73 de Jim

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All you really need to exchange is callsigns,

No, the SOTA rules state that the minimum exchange is callsigns and reports

Colin G8TMV

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I just read that in the rules. I stand corrected! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for all the answers to my question. I’ll be much wiser on my next activation, and the ear phone are in my back pack . 73 de ian vk5cz …