Summit points show incorrectly in Sotawatch alert posting on mouseover

I just alerted for W2/GC-010 14Oct 1700Z and the alert posting shows 6 points on mouseover, yet the summit page clearly shows it’s an 8 point summit (and always has been).

Barry N1EU

Hi Barry, this is strange, perhaps send a note to Jon Earnshaw via the contacts page, so that he can look into it:

I can’t see why the system would do this but there are two “Bearpen Mountain” s W2/GC-010 with 8 points and W4C/WM-099 with 6 points. Perhaps that’s part of the puzzle?

Actually try one thing for me - just go into the alert and change something in the comment field, then update and check again, I think it might change each second update!

73 Ed.

no, it still shows 6pts on mouseover after editing; I emailed Jon per your suggestion Ed

Barry N1EU

Ok, it was worth a try! I’m sure Jon will get to the bottom of it.

73 Ed.

So, this topic came up a little while ago (September 2) in the topic Rare Sotawatch remarks on summits where the exact same thing was seen for another summit.

…and always has been? Well, that’s actually incorrect, but you can be forgiven for not knowing that. In fact, in the hidden database table for the summit points, there are two records for that particular summit:

  • the first record gives the summit 6 points and was valid up until 2007-02-28, and
  • the second gives the now-current value of 8 points.

As I pointed out in the topic linked-to above, there is evidently an error in the code which generates the alerts page popup, and which has the effect of pulling just the top one from any stack existing in the summit-points table for a particular summit (in the case of summit W2/GC-010, the stack is two records high, and the earliest one is on top).

My guess is that this is low-priority stuff which is going to be left as-is, since the MT IT dept. is (when they can find the time for it) very busy with the new versions of various parts of the SOTA suite of sites, and the new version of the alerts page (very soon to be made live) will undoubtedly have the correct code for the popup.

In any case, the database always shows the definitive data.

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Thanks for the explanation!

I look forward to the new version of the alerts page and thanks to everyone’s efforts at SOTAwatch.

73, Barry N1EU