Summit Photos on SOTAMaps?

I noticed there are now photos that pop up when you click on some summits on SOTAMaps. Nice!!

Here is an example summit:

The photo is also a link to a Wikipedia entry (which is where the photo came from?). How/where does this get set??



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That’s a pretty cool idea, Josh.
However, pictured in your example is a Wind Mountain in the Canadian Rockies, not the SOTA summit in our Columbia River Gorge. So we need a way to ‘undo’ these as well as ‘do’ them.
73, Etienne-K7ATN

Hi Etienne,

Not my idea, I just noticed it while using SOTAMaps and wondered how the photo gets set. If there is some way for us to set those photos, we can fix that =)


It searches Wikipedia for a photo, and (after Etienne’s bug report) checks the coordinates of the summit with the database and adds a photo. You can disable the feature too by going to the Icons button and choosing “Show Photos in Summit popups”

Awesome. I guess I have a reason to make some Wikipedia articles =)