Summit Photos Mt. Lafayette

Every once in a while things seem to work out perfectly. The weather is warm, the wind is calm and sky’s are clear. I would have never thought that to be the case because when I left the lot a couple of hours before sunrise there was ice on the trail and the temperature was hovering around freezing.

Thanks to all the chasers that made my activation a great success. I was able to spend well over 2 hours on the summit and worked 44 stations (13 VHF, 31 HF with 3 S2S and 3 DX). Thanks guys! @AC1Z @WC1N @N1ZF @F4WBN @EA7GV and DL5FU.

BTW the west coast was booming. I hope this is a sign of good conditions to come.

73, Fred

Sun starting to come up behind Franconia Ridge

Greenleaf Hut with Mt Lafayette and North Lafayette in the background. The hut is about 3 miles in on the Old Bridle Path trail.

Looking south from Mt Lafayette towards Mt Lincoln. You can see the Appalachian Trail which travels along the ridge and over Lafayette’s summit.

Today I used my IC 705, a Spiderbeam 7M pole and several linked dipoles. There’s a stone wall on the summit which made a great support. Many hikers passed over the summit which prompted a high volume of questions.


Congrats Fred, i miss hiking the 4k’s… last time i did the ridge i was in fog but it was still surreal.

Keep on hiking !


Thank you Fred WX1S for the great HF as well as VHF summit to summit contacts. I agree with your assessment of the day, it was absolutely beautiful just prior to the remnants of the hurricane coming up the coast. Happy trails hope to catch you on the next one. WC1N

Hi Sly,

Franconia Ridge is a great hike. I have been there twice now and although I ran into fog last time I summited Lafayette, the rest of the hike down to Lincoln Woods was clear. It seems some of those peaks make their own weather.

I’ll get up there again. Maybe next time my grandson and I will do the Pemi Loop.

CU on the next one,
73, Fred


One of the toughest hikes i’ve ever done in the Pemi was Owl’s head with a full pack. That slide was quite something i tell you hihi !!


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Hi Bob,

It’s always nice catching you on a summit. It’s to bad I didn’t get a chance to work Mary but I had to pack up and head out. I’m pretty slow when I go down hill. The knees are not what they used to be!

BTW, Nice job on the website !!

73, Fred

It’s funny you mention that, I hiked into Owls Head this past Sep 11. I had a 30+ lb pack and I was with a group that raised the flag.

I met W1DMH and others at Black Pond and did the 17ish miles in and out from Lincoln Woods. I had my overnight gear just in case.

That was the second time I hiked Owls Head. First time was from the north after after spending one night at Guyot and one at 13 Falls. I started at Lincoln Woods.

That hike isn’t easy from either direction. Even though Doug knew some shortcuts it was still a long hike. Blisters both times!!

73, Fred


Another great activation, Fred. Thanks for all the nice reports and pictures. I’m sorry to have missed chasing you on this one. Keep up the good work and see you on the next one hopefully!

73 de Jonathan “JB”

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